HostShop: Sell Domains in Your Free Online Store

Hi there this is Andrew at 20i. One of the
key benefits of HostShop is that it allows you to resell domain names at
click of a button. This means that as a reseller in addition you can resell
domain names with your 20i reseller domain discounts. Some of these domain
prices are a wholesale price giving you the opportunity to make as much profit
margin as possible. To set the prices for the domain names you wish to sell you’ll
first need to make sure that you’re logged in to the My.20i control
panel. Once you’re logged in you’ll then need to make sure that you head to the
HostShop section and then here you’ll then want to select the Product Catalogue
icon. Once the page loads you’ll then want to select the domain names tab. From
this point you can then add and set prices for TLDs that you wish to sell.
In our example we’re going to select the ‘ ‘Add popular TLDs’ button which will
automatically add the most popular TLDs that we currently sell. You’ll notice
right away that the prices have already been set – this is because we have the
guide line pricing checkbox enabled so we’ve pre-populated the price for
registration renewals and the price for a transfer to be our recommended price.
If you would like to customise a specific price as we’re doing so here
just uncheck the Guideline pricing checkbox and you’ll then be able to add
your own custom price. Now if we head on over to our HostShop installation and
then we select the domain name section you can then search for any of the TLDs that you’ve made available for purchase which will then be register-able
to any customers who visit your site. We hope this has helped if you have
any further questions please get in touch. 🙂

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