HostShop: Adding a Stripe Payment Gateway

Hi there, this is Andrew at 20i. With HostShop you need to be able to receive money from your customers. To do this
you’ll need to set up a payment gateway. If you’re looking to take card payments
from your customers Stripe is one particular well-regarded payment
processor you may wish to consider using. We allow stripe to be used in
conjunction with HostShop. It’s very easy to set up and in this video we’ll
show you how to do so. In order to set up Stripe as a payment gateway you first
need to ensure that you’re logged in to my.20i. Once you’re logged in you’ll then need to head to the HostShop section and
select ‘Payment Gateways’. Once the page loads you’ll then need to select ‘Stripe’
from the drop down menu. In order to obtain our API keys we’ll now head to our
Stripe account. Once we’re logged into our Stripe account we’ll then need to go
to the ‘Developers’ section. We should note that in order to obtain your API keys
you’ll need to make sure your Stripe account has been activated. It won’t be
possible to obtain your keys without having followed the activation process. Once we’ve entered the Developer section well then just need to copy the
publishable key and the secret key – as such – into the relevant fields within
the ‘Payment Gateways’ section of My20i. Once we’ve done so we’ll then just
select ‘Add Payment Gateway’. Now that this is done we’ll now be able to accept
credit and debit card payments from our customers. We hope this has helped. If you
have any further queries please do get in touch with our support.

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