HostShop: Add Hosting Products

Hi there this is from Andrew 20i. The primary
goal of HostShop is to make it quick and easy for you to create hosting
packages and then sell them for your white-labelled control panel. In order to
set up hosting packages you’ll first need to make sure that you’re logged in
to my to My.20i. Once you’re logged in you’ll then need to head to the host
shop section and then you’ll need to select the product catalog icon. Here
you’ll then be taken to the hosting services and add-ons tab. From this point
you’ll then be able to add the hosting products you want to sell to your own
customers. To add a new service select a hosting package type from the ‘Add
service’ section. You can create and edit the hosting package types from the
hosting package types section of the control panel which is accessible by
going to the My.20i home page and selecting hosting package types under
reseller preferences. In our example we’re going to select WordPress
Unlimited. Once you’ve selected the hosting package type and then selected
‘Add hosting products’ you can then start adding your own pricing and selecting
which renewal periods you’d like your customers to be able to renew using. In
our example we’re going to set up two renewal periods with their own price. Monthly renewal is selected by default however we want to give our hosting
service a price. Your price will depend on how much service you’re offering
so for WordPress Unlimited we’re going to set the price to 14.99 a month. Once
we’re happy with that we’ll enter the price and then just select ‘Save’.
We should note that you can also select which payment types you’ll accept for
this particular service though generally you want to leave this option set to ‘all
payment types’. Next we’re going to add an annual price. To do this we’ll need to select the ‘Add renewal period’ drop-down and then select
‘Annually’. Once we’re happy with that we’ll then just select ‘Add renewal period’.
will then see another tab appear called ‘Annually’. Here we can add our annual
renewal price as we did with the monthly offering. In our example we’re going to
offer an incentive to pay annually by offering two months free included in
the price So we’ll simply times our monthly price by ten
the twelve months of service. Now that we have two services set up or two renewal
periods will now head on over to our HostShop installation where we can see
that we now have a hosting service that a customer can sign up to online
automatically and select to renew either monthly or yearly. We hope this has
helped – if you have any further questions please get in touch.

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