HOSTINGER WEB HOSTING-How to get a webhosting server with hostinger provider
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HOSTINGER WEB HOSTING-How to get a webhosting server with hostinger provider

hello guys and welcome to your new course thank you so much for enrolling in my course and I’m so excited to be your teacher and teach you how to make your own real website with you CMS for your business so let’s go ahead first we need something called a web web hosting server where we can put our script in it or our website and and there is a lot a lot of web hosting services and the one I suggest is called hosting this is a cheapest hosting server and it is powerful and amazing guy it started just by one sorry one dollar one $45 a month which is very good the promo is going to be finished at 14 minutes this is not a huge problem because I I already had one year from this hosting girl with a lower price so I will watch you with a video good morning guys in this video I’m going to show you how to pay web hosting server so first of all you have to go into the host hangar comm right there then click on get started from here you will have three plans we have the single premium and the business plan I think the best one is the premier shirt hosting if you are just a bigger so you just click on yoga start if you want to run business you can click right there so it’s good click on get started here then as you see here we need to select all those monitors for example if you pay 48 month you will get three over you will pay three punch a $9 a month but for me I will just like 12-month us great so because just $59 now what to do just click on checkout and select the PayPal and sign up with the new account so let’s say my name my email address and my password then click on create account seems that I already have this email all right to decide to change it iCloud create that safe wait now have sign up with our email now let’s pay $59 from the PayPal account we are logging into your people then you pay the amount and you will get all the access and the information of your um web host disagree or sorry I made a mistake the payment method I start trying to pay I think I choose the Visa card you choose the magnetic card that’s all yeah there is a broad search it let’s read and try to people click on pay now let’s click the change method – okay great I just need to change the famous method that’s all I have to add or we have to add all the information about your card and click Add and you will pay so I will do that quickly was there a click on Tina then this is the verification of the payment great the payment has been completed and now we have our web hosting ready to set up so let’s click on the setup or your order great do you have a research domain name you already have a rigid domain name just click no I want a story top your domain in there and if not you click on no I want on I already have the domain name I just want to show you and the dark compost $8.99 per year all right so I will add my own domain which is smarter calm yes and continue uses magic with hosting girl or I’ll buy domain transfer so let’s click on continue right here and we have to add those into my domain name I have to be able to go to link um my domain name with my hosting girl web hosting so that’s logging I think the best thing to do is to pay the domain name from the hosting girl and it will be linked into your web hosting dramatically so I would click on the DNS or my do my name great now click on the modify and change the web copy this dad knows that’s three and the ns4 once you add all those information you will see hosting good that’s one in students three and it’s for time no let’s click on the SAP and you have here to choose other you install the WordPress or installer where you can install another platforms we have you have website builder file manager and the ex-manager the things that we need it’s to skip this and we’ll do this later on and here we are in our the same cPanel like good it looks great now we can start making our website we got into it sometimes it takes a little bit to link now it is linked correctly as you see your account has been created all we have to do right now we just go and start our website so good luck guys

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