Hosting the RevitaHealth Retreat | Vlog | Rolene Strauss
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Hosting the RevitaHealth Retreat | Vlog | Rolene Strauss

Today is the start of such an amazing journey that we have been working on for such a long time. At RevitaHealth we’re hosting retreats four and five-day retreats and this is our very first five-day queen retreat and I’m so excited to welcome the ladies and I’m going to show you a little bit of Behind the scenes moments in this vlog. Hope you enjoy it. In October 2018 my sister-in-law Dr. Ledivia Strauss and I Started RevitaHealth together it is a health orientated organization based on Val de Vie Estate and it is all about preventative health and holistic wellness where we focus on the whole human being as a whole from mind body spirit and soul and I am involved in a business capacity as one of the directors and then also recently started doing coaching which is a great combination with the medical side that my sister-in-law does so we saw a great need for women to be equipped to lead healthy lifestyles and By leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle preventing disease preventing aging or slowing aging and that is exactly why we started these wellness or miracle wellness retreats We have a four-day retreat which is called the princess retreat and a five-day retreat, which is the queen retreat Today I’m going to share more about the five-day retreat and what we’ve dreamed of for this retreat and how the first retreat went, so just to give you some Idea or an idea of what RevitaHealth looks like so this is where most of the treatments and the consultations of the retreat happens This is our dieticians office where they get their InBody done measured and then she gives them a Full One month recipe list and eating plan based on the Epigenetic test that they’ve all done and all of their meals are also personalized for this five days This is my office. So this is where the individual coaching happens As you can see there is a box of tissues because there’s usually some crying involved, but I’m really enjoying it This is our aesthetic therapists two office or two two rooms Where all of the treatments are done skin treatments body treatments and then This is the room where the body treatments are also done and then the massages that they Also getting My sister-in-law Dr Ledivia is currently busy with a consultation but this is her treatment room So this gives you an idea of what the ladies are experiencing in RevitaHealth and then we have a different location about 50 meters walk where they receive where we do their group coaching sessions they have reflection stations reading and sleeping and meditating So yep Our dream with these retreats are to equip woman to be able to make choices healthy choices every single day We all have the opportunities to make healthy choices not only with regards to our physical health But also to our mental health and that is what this five-day retreat is all about Equipping women showing them what it could be like to lead a healthy lifestyle So we take them through a whole process an emotional and physical wellness process Where we go through group coaching sessions individual coaching sessions Epigenetic DNA testing beforehand. They get a personalized meal plan one month meal plan from our dietician according to the epigenetics They have wellness consultations with my sister-in-law Dr. Ledivia Strauss. They have relaxation and fitness therapy every single day they are shown how to make healthy snacks how to make healthy choices and it’s just a lot of things that we put together that we saw there’s a great need in women and At the end of these five days, they know themselves better. They appreciate themselves better and they are equipped and motivated to be the healthiest versions of themselves Day two of our retreat just started and we are ready for the ladies This is the setup of our different stations, I’m not going to tell you too much. As I mentioned earlier, Dr Ledivia, does all of the miracle work and the practical work with the clients so with the woman and then my passion and and love is the mental work the spiritual wellness of these of these women and we go through group sessions like I’ve mentioned group coaching sessions and individual coaching sessions where we basically Focus on who they really are who they really want to be what in their past Influenced them up until now. What are they going to continue to do to be healthy. What are they going to change. What are they scared of to change and we address all of that in these sessions and that equips them emotionally to make all of these changes physically and emotionally I am seated here and really for my first individual coaching session for the retreat and I’m always a little bit nervous before a coaching session because I really really really want to be there for the client I want to listen without anything coming into my mind and what I usually do is I just closed my eyes for two to five minutes to prepare myself and to ground myself and to really get ready to be there for the client and to Listen to ask incisive questions to help the client create a bigger awareness of who she is of what She wants and of the solutions. So yes. Excited Every single thing about this retreat is personalized From the meal plans to the individual programs of each lady to the Wellness Consultations to the personal coaching sessions to their treatments literally everything is personalized We take a maximum of seven women at a time and We really give personal attention to each and every woman here Today is day four of the queen retreat And it is quite a chilly day. We had to change the program a little but we are still very excited So the ladies went through a very emotional day on day two to a very factual and physical day yesterday focusing on Everything with regards to eating and exercising and yes So today we’re bringing everything together and then ending off very strong Tomorrow and it’s been going really really well. I think that It was valuable to the ladies who attended and we really enjoyed being able to make a difference as that is our absolute goal and dream for RevitaHealth Morning walk on our last day. I hope that this gave you a little bit of an idea of what the five-day retreat was like it was our first experience And our first retreat. It was really successful. We’re looking forward to many more retreats We really feel like we’re able to make a difference in the lives of women who want to be healthy who want to prevent disease and who want to slow aging It was hard work and we’re so grateful for an amazing team which made it all possible Hope you enjoyed the video. Bye


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