Hosting the angels of the Lord on the Nov 1 ( 111 ) transition
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Hosting the angels of the Lord on the Nov 1 ( 111 ) transition

hey guys how you doing Richard here there’s taking a quick minute on my travels here at the United allows to put this video together and share a little bit about this the season of transition where I’d come in from October to November so the video footage I’m about to show you took place on November 1 and about between 4:15 and 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon you can see some supernatural angelic activity taken place it’s pretty amazing was entertaining the Angels for about 45 minutes and it would come and go I would invite them to to come and dwell there so let me share this with you guys and just give you an opportunity to you know view this and help it to increase your faith in belief amen China the red one came last time after the the purple one the purple one had been Europe look yeah there he just appeared Wow praise Jesus praise Jesus Christ praise Jesus Christ [Music] Wow our worship to Jesus [Music] [Music] then you can see the angels outside my window started with the purple angel and then the red one came praise the Lord [Music] alright guys I hope you were blessed by this just a reminder remember we don’t worship angels but we need to keep them on their message or sent from God to help this so we need to utilize them many of us have a angel an assignment actually many more angels to help them assist us as we go forward with our song Laura so yeah also if you’re growing your sea or gifting you know if you you’ve got a sea or gifting your and warranty in that feel free to come in and grow with us over at the seer profit community and see our profit community on the website and on facebook at a seer profit community I meant as a group so look forward to seeing you there if you want to visit my website it is Richard B Simmons calm and apostle Richard B Simmons on Facebook then it gets us flight guys god bless you have an amazing day [Music] you


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