Hosting Service Screen In ShopSite
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Hosting Service Screen In ShopSite

To learn more about your specific store–where your secure URLs are taking you, where your store files are on the server if you’re going
through FTP, and things like that–you login to your ShopSite store and go to Preferences
and then click on Hosting Service. This page includes information specific to
your store such as the Merchant Settings. Where your “My Store” URL goes, where your email notifications go, and other order notifications if you want multiple email addresses notified
when an order is placed. The SSL Settings which are the security settings for your store. Both in the shopping cart and in the merchant interface. The Store Settings, where your store is installed to and where your CGI directories are at. The CGI directories are where your shopping
cart page, your search page, all the functions that are dynamic CGI functions. Product Information is your specific version
of ShopSite. It is going to list the product (which is
the ShopSite Manager), the version (this is a version 11), the serial number, and the
code for your store. And the Hosting Service Configuration. This is going to include information on where
your store files are on the server. So if you are logging in through FTP and want
to bulk upload images, you’d look at the media directory and through your FTP client, you
would go through the various directories to get to your media folder and bulk upload images. Same thing with things such as your digital
downloads, where your output directory is outputting your pages, and the Sendmail location where emails are going through. This completes the video tutorial on the Hosting Service in your ShopSite store.

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