Hosting Plesk Onyx, Linux y Windows, servidores dedicados

HostDime as a web hosting service provider has found that a large part of the processes carried out in web servers are facilitated to a large scale using user-friendly tools; but before we will tell you how he is, Alex young technical support analyst who receives great number of requests daily, through our customer service channels calls and tickets to optimize your processes Alex researched until he found an excellent tool, Plex Ónyx for build and secure websites and applications in the cloud this platform offers an approach to website development that allows changes to be managed from minute to minute becoming a high performance because it contains what you need to develop and manage websites and applications easily It also reduces interruptions and allows disaster recovery thanks to the solid and integral security feature that integrates gift and Docker for continuous deployment workflows all this in one tool is installed on more than 350,000 servers that houses over 10 million of domains and 15 million mailboxes is available in more than 32 languages and 140 countries around the world and as if it was just over one million WordPress facilities run on Plex; now Alex has more time to work in complex cases while each client becomes administrator of your own website as an expert; remember that HostDime always looks for the best for you, that’s why our servers can be configured with Plesk Onyx that simplifies the lives of web professionals

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