Hosting Live Webinars To Sell Your Online Course
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Hosting Live Webinars To Sell Your Online Course

Hey this is Tyler and in this video I’m
going to talk to you about hosting live webinars to sell your online course. So today I’m going to talk to you about
hosting webinars and there’s a good chance that you already know what a
webinar is, you’ve probably even attended a few, you’ve watched other
people host webinars where they sold a product or service or even an online
course at the end of the webinar but just in case you haven’t really quick
the definition of webinar is an online seminar or a web-based seminar so it’s
basically you giving a presentation, usually powerpoint slides or screen
chair even live video using your webcam but you’re going to give a presentation
online and people from all over the world can be watching that presentation
and then at the end of your presentation you wrap up by presenting your online
course and you invite people to enroll and the reason webinars are so effective
is because they’re the next best thing to actually being in person with
somebody know. Anytime you’re having a sales conversation so usually one-on-one
in person is the best environment to be in whether that’s right in front of
somebody at the desk in your office or even speaking to an audience at a
seminar or conference you know get being live in front of people is the best
place to be but if you can’t get in front of somebody live, in real life, in
the real world, the next best places on the internet and webinars are the right
place to do that. Now one of the biggest benefits of hosting a webinar is
leverage and scalability so it’s not you presenting to one person, it’s you
presenting too many. There can be a few dozen, a few hundred or even a thousand
people are more watching your webinar so it’s a very effective use of your time
when you spend an hour teaching your subject and then presenting a course
you’re not spending that our to present to one person, you’re spending that hour
to reach a lot of people so that’s the reason why you want to host a live
webinar so that you’re not you so that you can reach more than one person you
can reach dozens hundreds even a thousand people or more. Another benefit is you get to build your
email list so in order for somebody to attend your webinar they gotta register
for your webinar and the moment they register now you’ve got them on an email
list so you can keep in touch with him before the webinar to remind them that
is coming up, you can even keep in touch with him
after the webinar, send them a replay if you like, add them to your newsletter
sent, some more information afterwards so you’re getting leads, qualified leads for
your business and for your online course and these are people that have raised
their hand and said “I’m interested in your topic” that’s why they’re
registering registering for webinar in the first place because they want to
learn about that subject so even if they don’t make it to the live webinar
there’s still a warm warm prospect for your online course because they’ve
indicated that they’re interested in your topic and you can keep in touch
with them through email after webinar is over. Another benefit of hosting webinars is
that it’s pretty easy to do. There’s a ton of technology so you can
host a webinar very inexpensively with very little equipment and with very
little technical knowledge or software knowledge or coding experience or any of
that kind of stuff it’s super simple to get up and running and host a live
webinar. Another benefit is you get to connect
with your audience. So the reason why I like live webinars is because their life
so those people who are attending the webinar, they can ask questions they can
you can you can respond to them, you can talk to them, you can you can get
feedback from them in real time, it’s not just you you know putting up a recording or
putting up a you know a video online and you don’t really know what people think
of it or you can really interact with the people that are watching it. You get
that there’s that two-way communication with your attendees on a live webinar.
Another benefit of hosting a live webinar is you get to educate your
audience before you sell. Now a lot of online course creators they are
fantastic teachers they have an area of expertise, they know how to teach that
area of expertise and they know how to communicate their advice and their
strategies in a way that makes sense to other people but they’re not always the
greatest at selling or they feel they just feel in authentic or they’re not
too confident when they transition into it more of a sales pitch type of
presentation but a webinar is really great because you get to teach upfront
and I’m going to show you in the next video how to actually structure
presentation and how to transition from teaching to selling your course in a way
that doesn’t come across like selling in a way that isn’t going to feel sleazy or
or inauthentic or anything like that in a way that’s just a natural transition
that’s inviting people to if they want to learn more about the topic that you
spend some time teaching them then they can enroll in your course and when you
educate somebody up front when you give value upfront it helps build trust it
helps people get to know you, they can figure out if they like you and if you
know you do in fact have the knowledge, have the expertise that they want to
that they want to learn from and so when you give them that stuff upfront, you
earn the trust and you essentially earned the right to to pitch them or to
sell them your online course So those are some of the benefits of
hosting a webinar now in terms of technology, there are a few things are
going to need and I won’t get into the specific software or equipment right
here in this video we do have a very expensive guide on our blog called the
complete guide to selling on webinars and I list some different equipment and
some different software in that post so link to that before the video, really
quick you are going to need a few things so you’re going to need your computer
and a laptop and a strong internet connection if you can avoid wireless and
actually have it hardwired into the into your modem that’s even better. You’re going to need a external
microphone so something that plugs into your computer not the built-in mic in
your computer, a pair of headphones so that you can listen to people if you’re
letting them ask questions and things like that and you’re going to need a
webcam so that they can see your face in maybe in between showing your screen
showing your PowerPoint slides. The next thing you’re going to need is some
software to run the webinar and listen specific software that we’ve we’ve used
we recommend india in the guide on our blog and you’re also going to need an
account with an email service provider so that you can build that email list of
people who registered for the webinar you can send them the reminders to
attend and you can send them some information after the webinar is over so
you will need an email service provider for that. So once you have all those things once
you’ve got the technology, the software, you’re ready to go, the next step is to
put together a presentation and start and then invite people to your webinar
you’re going to give them that presentation and then you’re going to
present your course to them. So in tomorrow’s video that’s what I’m going
to discuss I’m going to show you how to set up your webinar, how to promote your
webinar and how to structure your presentation in a way that’s compelling
that helps your target audience and then get people to sign up for your course
after the webinar is over. So thanks for watching and I’ll see you on tomorrow’s


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