Hosting isn’t easy! – Would I Lie to You? [CC-EN,ET]
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Hosting isn’t easy! – Would I Lie to You? [CC-EN,ET]

You say true, you say lie We said lie. It is actually TRUE Oh I got to press the button Sorry, I got to press the button. I’ll do it again. I’ll do it again. Here we go. Can you react the same way? I forgot to press the button. Uh you say true you say lie True actually, we think it’s true. LAUGHTER If you cant press the button, Im going to get points out of it. I don’t press the button I may not be able to spot a truth from a lie but the button I’ve got. You say true LEE: No, we’re changing it to lie Here we go. Right. You say true. LEE: No You say Lie. MANIACAL LAUGHTER These people want to go home! Ronnie: Yes! So does Ronnie, yeah. God. Yes! He thinks he recorded a whole series tonight. How long is the show when it goes out? 10 minutes! If only he had studied harder Lee could have pursued a career as an academic. Ah well, academia’s loss is comedy’s loss! LAUGHTER Rob: You see .. David: Did you say acadamia? is that a sort of nut? Rob: Yeah I did … I know. I love those acadamia nuts! If you eat enough, you get an M.A. LAUGHTER It’s a very difficult job, this. You see Lee didn’t fit into traditional academic categories. (Rob flubs the word traditional) Lee: trrRRRRRRRzzssssszRRRADITIONAL LAUGHTER Rob in the background, exasperated : Oh no! This joke about me being really thick isn’t working out with you not being able to read, is it? Lee: trrRRRRRRRzzssssszRRRADITIONAL


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