Hosting godaddy domain on weebly site FOR FREE!
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Hosting godaddy domain on weebly site FOR FREE!

hey everyone its Nathan here and today I
wanna show you how you can forward your dot-com domain to your weebly website now I’ve been
looking online and I see a lot of videos out there that are telling you how to do this but in
reality in order to have %uh you’re hosting
through Weebly it’s gonna cost you money so let me just show you what it would
look like if I go to Settings and this is in your Weebly I’ll back officer in your website you can
click Settings right now next thing you do is here’s your
site address and it’s really right so you can you would create change and
then you would put it down here so whatever your Go Daddy dot com I domain would be I’m up you’d put down here now let me show
you exactly what we believe will do because they do charge for this you can
click Continue right and now look you can’t do it for
free they’re gonna charge you to have your own domain name and hosted with
Weebly there are a lot of videos out there that
are shown you how to do this and I don’t know if it’s outdated or
they’re paying for the service but you have to pay so what I want to do
is show you something else that you can do for free using your go daddy: domain alright so let’s go over to Go Daddy and this is the home page if you already have an account here’s
what you can do you know login go to your my accounts and manage my domains gun at now once you’re here select their domain that you want to
forward to your release site and then this is what does get is gonna
look like you’re under domain details: okay come down here to forwarding so we’re
actually can afford it right and you’re gonna click Manage under 14 alright Craig update 14 and now this see is my dot really dot
com web site now this is a free website and I’m in a fortnight dot com to the
Weebly dot com website and that this is something that you can
do for free so the website I have two Go Daddy is named
Sammy dot com and then I just created me insanely
doubt Weebly dot com as well but I want to take out that we believe
so this is where I’m gonna do that you’re gonna plug your weekly in here and then you can choose to do it with
masking or without now forward only if someone goes to your website in a go to named Sammy dot com and I don’t
have the masking on it can actually show up at the top www dot natan Sammy dot
really dot com that without the masking if I choose to mask it right I mean
afford it and mask it now if they go to www dot named Sammy dot com its gonna bring them to my Weebly site
in at the top it’s still gonna say just Nathan Sammy
dot com so let me show you an example this if I
go here right and I just do named Sammy dot com now here’s my
website hosted through we Brits my free website but now look what’s happened this is the
masking taking place here so it’s forwarded and
its mass now I don’t know if they’re are any
caveats to this or if there’s any issues you can run into having multiple pages I added another page just recently just
to see how it would flow in it seem to be working right so this is going to work around
guys too get your Go Daddy dot com forwarded to
your you’re really site for free so hope this


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