Hosting G7 at Trump Doral violates the Emoluments Clause: Napolitano
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Hosting G7 at Trump Doral violates the Emoluments Clause: Napolitano


  • John Edward


  • Cole Chillen

    Things republicans can never claim again:
    1. The party of family values
    2. The party of law and order
    3. America is the moral leader of the world
    4. They love and protect the constitution

  • AJtheAggravated

    Won't it be a better idea to do it at a Trump resort since he probably won't charge anything or will get it for a discount?

  • Cathy Hall

    This judge needs to stay off t.v.. You make yourself from looking stupid. He don't control this anymore has been turned over to son. Stop acting like you are so brite. This president don't even take a pay check for Bing president. How about you.

  • Saulo Pena

    The "Constitution" is technically a debt instrument, and a "Constitutor" is one who lawfully transfers debt from one to another – look it up

  • JEN 8

    Neil Cavuto and Judge Andrew Napolitano are a TOTAL DISGRACE!!!
    I can smell the stink of jealously, revenge (for Napo) and bitterness these two pathetic rejects are putting off from here!

  • Anon

    The ONLY defence supporters of Trump have is to attack the man. How about one of you ‘always-Trumpers’ comment on the ideas, on the actual claimed violation.

  • Daniel Brocklehurst

    Everyone saying this a clear violation of the emoluments clause actually need to read about it and familiarize themselves with it. The clause says the president is restricted from receiving "any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever.” The standard exchange of payment for services is not an emolument. With that said I do wish they picked somewhere else so I didn’t have to hear about it for the next couple of months. However I can appreciate him not being bullied into doing something he doesn’t agree with him. Also if you don’t like the fact that this is perfectly legal maybe you can convince your representative to focus on something else than the constant attempts to impeach the president

  • Deckert

    That lawyer is one that does not know what he is talking about. Look the clause up!!!!!!. Trump is having a summit. He is not having a Christmas party expecting everyone to give him gifts for status.

  • Poppi Starr

    Why really does it matter… someone is gonna make money no matter where it is held…. Trump doesnt even take A PAYCHECK… ps.. like the Demos make money by just running for president?

  • David Moore

    Napolitano is a complete idiot, who has not been right about anything since he decided to turn on Trump after he was overlooked for a supreme court seat, hes such a vindictive little prick, it was a very wise move to keep this little ahole from becoming a supreme court judge.

  • barryb83110

    How long will it take until the leader of the most powerful country in the world embraces honor? And how long will it take to recover?

  • Amanda Huginkiss

    Trump supporters are mad because Cavuto and Napolitano dare to question Trump.
    Of course Trump is going to profit off this just like he profits off of his D.C. hotel.
    You just can't have a discussion with Trump supporters. Trump in their minds will always be infallible.

  • Ed Carrasco

    Trump is an absolute disgrace the five time draft dodger never even had bone spurs he cheats on all of his wives and pays people to keep quiet and has been caught lying hundreds of times since taking office the GOP has sold his soul and his morally bankrupt

  • Janet Bradford

    If Trump wants to have meeting at largo let him. He gives his pay away, and sometimes use his own money to help people. They just want it elsewhere, so govt. can charge taxpayers.

  • Akra Seil

    As disgusting as this is, has anyone considered that the reason the orange crook spends so much time at his resorts is because pornography is not allowed in the WH?


    SO everyone who disagrees with Trump on Fox should "go to CNN"? At some point that Trump pond is gonna shrink so small, there will be no one left but Donald, his grifter children, Hannity, and a bunch of in-denial Trump fanatics who just now realized those MAGA hats are non-refundable….
    FOX poll… +50 on removal from office… and that's BEFORE the Mulvaney GAFF!

  • lisa feck

    BS! Most Americans do not search for a hotel based on where the G7 was held. Even if President Trump produces amazing results with this G7, I don't friggen care. I won't be staying at a Trump property ever, I'd never be able to afford it, the case for Most American's.

  • juanoramo

    Looks like fake news is finally reporting real news. Only took 3yrs. I read some of the comments and see that a lot of people's but are hurting- makes me laugh, their orange superhero is really a villainous pumkinhead terrorist, trying to partner up with Putin. Lock Trump up is what I say, lock him up, lock him up. His family too and throw away the key!

  • Quarry

    Nipoleano is a backstabbing louse , he was waiting for a job from Trump , didn't get it and he flipped. Now he is just like the democratic communist party, No doubt they hate the United States. They " democratic communist " are doing anything and everything to try to STOP the Will of the People. Vote Trump to save Our Country. Literally.

  • Henry Niemi

    Pretty stupid claim. Its like saying hosting meetings at the White House violates the Emoluments Clause! (because Trump 'owns' the White House and so inviting foreign leaders onto these premises could be said to be against the clause…)

  • Fern Walker

    Finally someone other than Shep telling the truth on Fox. It is a clear and absolute violation of the emoluments clause. The creep is a lowlife lining his pockets.

  • Dave Beal

    I believe that is a misinterpretation of the emoluments clause. Any money generated is for a good and service the company is legitimately providing, not "Cash" in the sense of receiving a payment for nothing but access (See Democrat).

  • Jeff Giesinger

    trump is a crook …. everything he does has a personal and direct benefit for him or he does not do it. I do not expect his cult to believe any of it. But justice will be done unless he takes over america for putin. If that is what you want then get to it.

  • Love Works

    Judge Nappy is a bitter little man who gives outdated opinions full of distain for the president. I love this president because his presidency forces the rats out of their holes. Judge Nappy comes on, I change the channel. If I want lies and hate i'll watch CNN.

  • Joe Jackson

    I've always believed any elected official doing something like that is illegal and unethical. But, people who support trump don't care and in fact believe that concerns about it are just picking on him.

    If the people no longer support multiple parts of the Constitution, then perhaps it's time for legislators to amend it.

    I'd never vote someone who'd vote to end the emoluments clause to allow elected officials to profit from political deals. But, if a majority of Americans believe it's fine, then hey.

  • Lost Jeeps Nevada

    Funny. That’s not what Napolitano said when Trump was elected and he was trying to become a Supreme Court Justice. Go back and check out what he said after the election. He’s a fraud.

  • H M

    With all due respect to Republicans in the comment section, can you please highlight why you support Trump hosting the G7 conference at a hotel that he has a financial interest in? These two are proud Republicans yet they are highlighting what is wrong with this decision. If you support president Trumps decision, do you simply support it because you support him or is there another reason. Again, I am simply asking. Thank you.

  • Bill Safrit

    Mulvaney's claimed Trump would not profit from the G7 summit at his Florida resort. I take it Trump and his thugs think we are all stupid. Thank you Mulvaney for telling the whole world the truth about Trump committing high crimes. Even Trump's legal staff were stunned by what he said.

  • External power

    The other countries should just not show up. Why would they? For a one term loser who isnt worth his weight in cat turds?

  • Holly Hocks

    Even if they do the G7 at cost price just look at all this free advertising Doral has had. There is no way he can claim he is not proffering. I can’t believe America has no other venue in the whole of the US that would be suitable…..the only one just happens to be owned by this president? Really? We are not that stupid and I resent Trump persistence in thinking we are all fools enough to believe everything the chosen one says!

  • Tri4ce1

    The man don't even take a paycheque for doing his job.

    Judge you didn't get on the supreme court and your vendictive behavior further shows that Trump made a good decision.

    Grow up.

  • Mary Amezcua

    Judge, are you that butt hurt, that you are going to bad mouth the President, every time you're invited for a an interview!!

  • Micah Miller

    Where does he get this ridiculous stuff? Shouldn't you expect more at Fox from a go to legal analyst?? The so-called emoluments clause prevents officers of the U.S. from receiving an emolument (which is "a salary, fee, or profit from employment or office") from "any King, Prince, or Foreign State." Cleary this was meant to keep officials from using their office to be compensated for doing favors for foreign governments or officials, or for working as their agents. Basically, the Constitution prohibits our officials from working for foreign governments. Nowhere does it say that if an official has a business interest, foreign persons cannot be patrons of that business interest. That may be questionable ethically, but the emoluments clause does not prohibit it. Especially in this case, where the USA budget will pay for the G7 Summit the emoluments clause is wholly inapplicable as no foreign official or government will make expenditures for renting the Doral. Napolitano should really think out and research his opinions before calling them "legal" opinions!

  • MrTinfoilSombrero

    Finally Fox pulls its head out. Mulvaney and the squid Pro Wuo slip up. Rick Perry says let me out of here. Trump throws Guiluani under the bus. That's all right. The Donald and Cohen will be neighbors soon.

  • victorianmelody46

    I couldn’t help but notice that the current occupant of the White House owns more than 500 companies, has business interests across the Middle East and Asia, and owes hundreds of millions of dollars to banks he is now responsible for regulating. It seems a touch unfair that a bigger fuss was made about my little peanut operation than all his office towers, hotels, and golf courses combined. All I had was a farm, you know? A small, precious farm. Jimmy Carter

  • utterbullspit

    If anybody still believes that Trump isn't corrupt at this point, then they're clearly not living in the real world and are obviously INSANE!!!

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