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Hosting Foreign Students with

Basically I like meeting people,
particularly young people I think I like to know about what’s happening in
other countries and it’s also a great way of keeping up
with what’s going on in the world. The signing up is really easy you just go
online follow the steps I would not be very quick with the computer but it was very simple, easy to do,
very clear directions I certainly found it a simple procedure and I would recommend it I have a single room which is ensuite and I have a single room which is sharing the main bathroom. I enjoy having people come to stay. Over the years I’ve had mostly continentals and I’ve had people from Korea, all
over the United States, Switzerland My most recent guest was a Swiss walker who really enjoyed because he had the cliffs in Killiney and Dalkey and then he did the hill walk from Bray to Greystones He really enjoyed, even though he had come from a beautiful country He felt it was very convenient to get to
the countryside and was also just twenty minutes bus ride
from the city. One of my recent visitors said “OK you can go to a hotel any day and thats fine if you just want a bed… and you want something to eat, but for a homestay… it gives you a little bit more of the personal touch of family life in Ireland… which is more realistic than going into a hotel” I would say yes my experience has been very positive. I got feedback from alot of my visitors I would ask them again at the end of their stay was there anything particularly that they didn’t like or they liked and what would make it better for the next visitor. I would ask them about
their experience abroad and that So yes I would say from both the visitor and the host it is a very good experience.

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