Hosting for Amazon Affiliate Niche and Authority Sites & WHEN to UPGRADE
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Hosting for Amazon Affiliate Niche and Authority Sites & WHEN to UPGRADE

let’s talk about the hosting
specifically hosting for Amazon affiliate sites I had a question come in
a couple weeks ago someone was just getting started they hadn’t even
purchased a hosting package yet and they wanted to know how they could plan for
the future and they were willing to make an investment that we’re willing to pay
a little bit more for hosting to sort of like plan for the future and plan for
future growth I like that kind of thinking it’s kind of the way I think –
I’d rather you know make an investment early on and just be set for a little
while this is where it may surprise you a little bit I’m gonna recommend that
you don’t have to do that yes my name is Doug Covington I talk about Amazon
affiliate marketing and project management so this is about hosting you
know I will say up front I’m gonna put a couple links below they are affiliate
links it will cost you anymore but if you buy the hosting that I mention here
I’ll get a commission so I just want to let you know links are below if you want
to check it out feel free to just go directly to the sites the awesome part
about starting a niche site or an Amazon affiliate site is you can basically
start a business for about $200 that would be for you know hosting maybe a
premium theme a couple of tools here and there stuff like that Hosting is
probably the biggest expenditure up front the host thing I started with was
shared hosting and that’s what I recommend you start with – it is gonna
be the cheaper hosting for basically any hosting company and just like it sounds
it’s shared so you’re on a server with a bunch of other websites and typically
it’s gonna be like multiple hundreds right you’re gonna be on a server with
hundreds of other people don’t worry about it the thing is when you’re first
getting started you’re probably not gonna get that much traffic and it’s ok
if you’re on a server that runs a little bit slower because there’s so many other
people on it now I started on Bluehost and I used the Bluehost shared package
and it was great in fact I still have an account over there Bluehost and it was
fine they have good customer service I have heard like people like the
customer service and then other times people don’t like the customer
servus keep that in mind customer service is probably one of the number
one things to look out for but typically even on a shared hosting package you can
you know hop on the chat you could send an email depending on the company you
may be able to call about and talk to you know customer service person or even
like a system administrator when do you move like when is it time to upgrade
your hosting a quick reference point these prices could change but I’ll give
you a range so for shared hosting it’s probably gonna be about three or four
dollars a month to maybe eight or nine dollars a month
the trick is most of the companies will have like a promo deal so when you first
sign up the first year it may be you know three dollars a month but then the
second year when you were new it may jump up to nine dollars a month a lot of
times I don’t mind paying a little extra if the service is there right I actually
upgraded hosting to a different hosting company right so I heard good things
about SiteGround so I have one of my bigger sites over on
site ground and your customer service is even better than Bluehost I think the
cool thing with site crown is when I had an issue when I had a question I could
chat with not just a customer service person but it was actually a tech person
it was an administrator so they could check my server they could reset things
and they could answer technical questions because that makes a big
difference depending on what you need but keep that in mind so the point is
when you first sign up shared hosting any hosting will probably have a promo
rate when you first sign up for hosting q then second year may jump up so keep
that in mind always keep that in mind when do you upgrade I think whenever you
get to about 300 to 500 visitors a day that’s probably a time you want to get
out of the shared hosting account and upgrade typically you can stay at the
same hosting company and just upgrade your account for more resources there
are many different flavors of the specifics depending on what a hosting
company calls upgraded account so those are things like semi dedicated hosting
cloud hosting maybe WordPress optimized hosting in all the cases you end
up with more resources dedicated to your specific domain you’re probably still on
a shared server but instead of having like 800 other websites on that server
you’ll have like eight it’s much smaller and the result is you have a faster
server response time which is one of the main factors it’s actually like speed up
or slow down your site if you have fast server response time that’s a very good
thing now what about cost so we’re looking at once you hit about 300
visitors a day you’ll want to upgrade you could say at the same host you can
move to another host if you want to the cost varies right so just like before
there’s a range but for this you know upgrading hosting I’m aiming for about
$25 a month you know give or take 10 or 15 dollars so maybe it’s $18 a month or
maybe it’s $45 a month depending on you know what hosting company you want to
work with so again little recap you shared hosting in the beginning up to
about 300 visitors a day once you get to about 300 you want to probably upgrade
that’ll be good most likely until you hit like a
thousand visitors a day or so maybe even 1200 or 1500 a day this actually
happened to me I was getting about a thousand visitors a day and then I added
more keyword golden ratio content over time it slowly moved up so after a few
months I was actually getting about 1,500 to 1,800 visitors a day my site
started loading pretty slow it started crashing the server actually so the
server was crashing I wouldn’t be able to log in I just had many issues and it
was very slow because the growth was very slow eventually I realized that I
needed to upgrade my hosting unfortunately the hosting company that I
was with they didn’t know that right away I kept asking if I needed to
upgrade but they just said no just make sure it’s optimized for speed I already
did all that stuff that they told me to do so eventually I upgraded to a cloud
package over at site ground it was fantastic it solved all my problems
this upgrade right so at that point the site’s making good money so I could
afford to invest in the infrastructure you know frankly that overhead solo and
an Amazon affiliate site it’s fine to pay her for the hosting right so I
upgraded the hosting to more processors very few other domains on my server it
was semi dedicated cloud hosting and essentially it like sped up my site so
dramatically I was able to handle up to you know four to five thousand visitors
a day I didn’t hit the cap I never had any issues the site loads fast once I
moved over it’s fantastic I have the ability to add more resources without
changing my hosting account so I could just log into my account and add more
memory add more CPUs pay a few extra dollars so maybe around the holidays
when I know I’m gonna get more traffic I can upgrade the service package and just
do it for a few months and then scale it back down with the times right how much
am I paying for that it’s a hundred and twenty-five dollars a month yeah this is
significant investment right a hundred and twenty-five dollars a month but it’s
a business where it’s making far more than that it’s a no-brainer to actually
like invest in good hosting if you could pay for it right so you wouldn’t want to
you know pay $125 when you’re just getting your site started it doesn’t
make any sense to do that question of the day what do you think about when you
should upgrade hosting what kind of hosting do you have let me know in the
comments below don’t forget check out some of the links to my hosting company
so I mentioned blue house I mentioned site gram but I also use it a smaller
company called MDD they’re just a smaller company again they have great
customer service where you can you know hop on a chat open a support ticket on
their site and you get to a technician right away you get to a person who could
actually like log on to the server see what’s going on versus some other
companies the bigger company is a lot of times you do end up working with a
service representative who just has a script and they don’t actually have
access to your server which is a big deal
you have questions you need someone who could go in and check things the answer
your questions fast Doug Huntington if you want to learn
more about Amazon affiliate marketing take a look at the channel and please
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  • Benny Bees

    I was literally just thinking of how to know when to upgrade my hosting plan and this popped up! And this happens quite often with your vids! Amazing! Many thanks Doug 🙂

  • yadancer1

    Video just came at the right time for myself as well as I literally just searched
    your channel about an hour ago for hosting upgrade advice!

    Have a Siteground shared hosting plan myself but my site is growing pretty
    rapid, therefore an upgrade is needed. Was looking at the Siteground cloud
    hosting earlier as an option, what size of cloud package are you rocking Doug?

    Also, do Siteground specify anywhere what the max amount of recommended visitors per each
    cloud package is?

    Thanks for the video Doug!

  • Gary Carlyle

    This subject is more important than people think. I have had great hosting for $40 a month and terrible hosting for $500/month.

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