Hosting an Usborne Facebook Party in 2 Easy Steps!
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Hosting an Usborne Facebook Party in 2 Easy Steps!

– Hi, my name is Shari Davis and I am so excited to be hosting
a Facebook party with you. It’s such an awesome way
to get lots of free books and also just really fun to interact with your friends on these party pages. So I’m gonna tell you what your jobs are as the hostess, you have two jobs. The first job is to invite
people to the party, and the second job is just
to participate in the event. So, first off, inviting people is the most crucial part of the party. To do this correctly
will be the difference between a really successful party or one that just doesn’t
really get off the ground. So, you want to send personal
messages to each person. I’ll send you a script,
so all you have to do is copy and paste, and change the name. You can do it really quickly. But you want to personally
message each person. When you get to about 15 people that say yes, they would like
an invitation to the party. I’ll invite you to the party page. I’ll make you a co-host so you
can invite those people in, and then you’ll only want to invite in those people that say yes. So, don’t invite in
everyone that you messaged. Just the people that you actually heard back from and that said yes. Throughout the week you’ll
probably hear back from more, and you can add them in as the time comes. And you want to try to
work to get about 25 people that say yes to an invitation, which often takes sending
out about 35 to 55 messages. But with the copy/paste, you can just do it really, really quickly. So, the second job that
you have is participating. You want to participate, and you want to comment on every post. I know that the posts say that they’re for entries for the free book drawing, but your friends are not going to think that you’re going for the free book. They just are gonna want to know what your answers are to this question. They don’t really care what I think, they want to know what their friend who invited them to the party. Which books they like, things like that. So they’re gonna want to see your posts. And your own enthusiasm is going to be absolutely contagious. If you’re having fun, and
you’re excited about the books your friends are going to
be excited about the books. So make sure that you are commenting on all the different
post, responding to your friends comments, and liking
your friends comments. Finally, this is completely optional you have the option to turn your party into your own launch party. So, if you had any interest in joining Usborne Books and More,
basically doing what I do. Hosting these parties each
week with other hostess, you can turn this party
into your launch party. And you can make the commission, the sales credit to earn rewards, and you can also get those party bookings which will help start off your business. Just something to think about. No pressure at all, but just
an, that is an option for you. So I can’t wait to host with you. We’re gonna get you as many free and discounted books as possible.

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