Hosting A Website For Beginners
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Hosting A Website For Beginners

hi my name is Jackson Brody I’m a
digital marketing consultant here at Matter Solutions and one of the
questions that I and many others in our SEO team get is about web hosting and
how that whole process works so today I will be giving you a run-through of the
basics of what web hosting is and how it works so what exactly is web hosting web
hosting is actually the first step that you take when you’re looking to get a
website on the internet so there’s these businesses that are web hosting
providers and they basically offer you a server that you can host your website on
and the server acts as a way to store or the I guess the memory and the content
of what your website actually encompasses setting up a server system
yourself is really quite difficult it’s much easier and isn’t overly expensive
to just pay a professional to do it for you so this kind of leads me on to my
second the second question that we get quite often which is do I need to have a
technical understanding of web hosting the the short answer is no not really
you pay a web hosting provider to do all of the technical aspects for you you
just need to make sure that you pay your bills on time and that you give them all
the information that they require but like anything it it helps to definitely
have some sort of understanding but you don’t need to have a technical
understanding of how hosting works web service hosting providers usually offer
you two main options for where your website will be stored on so the two
servers are shared servers and dedicated servers regardless of whether you choose
shared or dedicated hosting the actual quality of that hosting is extremely
important so good hosting is like buying land on the internet though so if you
buy terrible land in real life when you put a house on that land the value of
the house isn’t going to be as great as it could be
as far as hosting is concerned if you buy good hosting it means that when you
put the your website with that hosting the website is going to need
because the website will likely be faster because the quality of the webs
of the hosting is much higher so if you opt for high quality hosting it means
that your user experience so the people that visit your website will have a
better time when they’re on your website and this will actually result in a lower
bounce rate and bounce rate is how quickly people will click on or click
off your website I hope you’ve learned something from this video today about
web hosting we do have lots of other resources on a whole range of different
topics relating to digital marketing so I would check out our YouTube or Twitter
or LinkedIn there’s a lot of resources there otherwise get in contact with us
we’ve got matter solutions in Google and you’ll find us

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