Hostgator vs. Bluehost vs Dreamhost – I’ve Used Each Host & Here is My Review
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Hostgator vs. Bluehost vs Dreamhost – I’ve Used Each Host & Here is My Review

hey guys this is Bob and I just want to
talk to you a minute about web hosting and give you a little bit of my
experience and what I’ve learned from some of the hosts I’ve tried out first
off I started with dream host when I first started this blog back in 2007 and
they were fine for me to start I knew a whole bunch of people using them and so
I decided you know if everybody else is you know I’ll give it a try
and I really didn’t have a problem with them they weren’t bad but the the one
thing that really frustrated me was that I couldn’t call them when I had a
problem my site went down I couldn’t call them I had to email them and put in
a support ticket and I never knew when I was gonna hear back I never knew one my
site was gonna be back up you know and they would respond a couple hours later
you know on a good day and you know that became a little bit – I just couldn’t
deal with that anymore once you know I started getting to the point where I was
really depending on the income from this website so about the time I you know was
going at this full time I moved a media temple which they are much more
expensive hosting company and they offer better service you can call them you
know and the hosting itself is the hosting packages are better a bit more
elaborate and you can call them if you have a problem so that was nice that was
a great extra benefit for me that I could call these guys when I was having
an issue the the downside is I feel like they’ve taken a turn for the worse over
the last couple years cuz when I first started with them I could call them up
and I felt like I always had somebody on the line within just a few minutes maybe
five ten minutes max and my last probably four or five calls to them have
taken 45 minutes to an hour before someone would get on the line to help me
and you know and that’s just not real good when when your site might be down
or it’s you know acting crazy and you don’t really know why and you don’t know
who to call for help so for me that that was really and it still is a big
frustration I have with I’m still currently hosting Christian PF
with media temple but mostly because I haven’t I just haven’t gotten around to
move move them out it becomes a little bit of a bigger deal to switch hosts as
things get larger and um and so shortly after I moved over to media temple I
found out about Bluehost which is another hosting company that’s
on the lower end they offer hosting I believe for about seven bucks a month
and and I when I found it I thought this was a steal it was great because they
are about the same price as dreamhost offer about the same level of hosting
package but they have phone support so you can call them up and ask them
questions and in all my interactions with their customer service we’re good
they’re pretty helpful so I really liked them and I was I was really recommending
Bluehost to a lot of people for a while well I mean I still do and I think
they’re a great host and you know and I still have a lot of websites over I had
Bluehost and I and I do like them the only downside with them is they’re not
real scalable so they only really have one size of hosting package and you know
so it’s great to start and you’re fine and even when you’re medium size blogger
you’re fine but once you become bigger and you’re getting a whole lot more
traffic I personally probably wouldn’t feel
comfortable having my hosting with Bluehost at that point okay and that
leads me to hostgator which I’m really liking them a lot and they’re currently
the one that I am recommending the most in the reason being is they’re one of
the cheaper hosts out there and at the same time I think they offer better
service than media temple so for about you know its cheapest four bucks a month
you can be hosting with them and getting better service than you are immediate
temple by the way I’m paying $200 a month to be hosted with media temple for
my hosting package right now and the thing that the kicker for me was
that I had a day where I called media temple
and waited 45 minutes on hold to get somebody and then a day later I called
Hostgator in within 30 seconds someone answered the phone to help me you know
so there’s a little bit of an issue there that I’m paying $200 here in
waiting 45 minutes for somebody answer and then four dollars a month at the
other place and you know you’re getting somebody to answer within less than a
minute and in honestly I’ve dealt with Hostgator and their customer service
team via chat and on the phone probably close to 10 times now and every single
time has been a good experience so that on top of the fact that they’re so cheap
and in beginners can go in there and they’re one of the cheapest things is
just a great great selling feature and then the other thing that separates them
from Bluehost in my opinion is that they’re scalable so you can go in there
as a beginner start out and then as your website and blog grows and you get more
traffic you can increase your hosting package and just they can grow your site
can grow along with it so they’re the ones that I am telling all my friends
and family to go to they’re the ones that I’m recommending you know when I
get emails from readers they’re the ones that ultimately I will be moving all of
my sites over to once I get around to that so anyway there you have it you
know there’s a million hosts out there but these are the four that I’ve dealt
with and I have experience with and those are just my thoughts on it and I
hope that provides you just a little bit of insight you know what helps you make
a better decision Bay for where you are and what your ambition is with your blog
so that’s all for now and I’ll talk to you later okay one last
thing I called Hostgator and let them know that they’re my recommended host
now and I wanted to see if there’s any way I can get an extra discount for you
guys and they said yes and so they gave me this coupon code that you can go in
there if you decide to use them as your host and it will knock an extra twenty
five percent off I think it’s the first hosting package that you buy so anyway
if you go through that all you need to do is
– christianPF as a promo code and you’ll save 25% so that’s all i have for
now and i hope you enjoyed the video and have a wonderful day


  • SeedTime Money

    I haven't emailed them, because I always just use the phone support or online chat – which they have been very quick with for me…

  • NeyzenAngela

    Wow. Great video for a newbie to blogging and host companies. Good tactic to explain the difficulties. Usually people focus on the ones they like . I much rather hear about the bad experiences as a potential customer.

  • dreamhosthelp

    I have tried HostGator and DreamHost, don't know about blue host. Can you tell me how is server response in bluehost and media temple. How much speed improvement do you get there?

  • olinda013

    My problem with hostgator is that they asked me for a picture of my ID and Credit card.. it really bothered me that they didn´t tell me before (i waited for 10 days and my website wasn´t available) plus i didn´t want to give them that information to them. so i cancelled my account. i really want to build my own website but i don´t know what host to use. do all hosts ask for that information?

  • Chung-Ho

    As part of their management plans, Bluehost do indeed monitor the shared servers to makes sure cases of downtime are avoided, they fix all the security issues to ensure server safety and web site uptime. The only task mandated to the user is adding their domains and website to the Bluehost server. Using the provided hosting control panel, the shared hosting user will be required to manage their own stuff.

  • Ronnie Gene

    Hostgator sucks, they will not tell you when they migrate to new servers anything. They will send out an email and expect you to read it even though it may end up in spam. They will shut your site down if you don't verify the new domains you may have purchased from them weeks ago. They are the worst hosting provider on the planet.

  • Dread Pirate Regan

    Thank You, this is my three I am debating, what c-panel and word press single install as well as cheap just for a one to two page business website.

  • Debabrata Acharjee

    Agreed! HostGator is reliable.
    Btw guys… 35% additional discount if you click through this link to hostgator and signup in a month after that. I ll be beneficial to me too i admit. (Valid for first 1000 clicks, 753 still left)
    How do i get this? coz I am an affiliate

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