HostGator VS BlueHost Comparision #2019(Choose The Best Hosting??)
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HostGator VS BlueHost Comparision #2019(Choose The Best Hosting??)

hello friends today we are going to talk about
Comparison between hostgator vs Domainracer versus Bluehost. These are the successful companies running
now there are lots of debet going on which one to choose. In this hostgator vs Domainracer versus Bluehost
comparison I will list out the difference between these 3 and i
will try to help you to choosing the right web hosting for your web hosting obviously
this comparison is based on my personal experience and some of my friends
opinion. so today we are going to talk about plans
and prices. first so here I have open their official website
for hostgator for domainracer and for bluehost. so let’s see hostgator prices different
Different different interface so here first see shared hosting prices hostgator provide
3 plan Hatchling plan baby plan business plan so this is a the basic plan
to host only a single doomain means only for one website. while the rest can host in baby plan you can
see here for 3 domain in business plan it host unlimited domains
with unlimited diskspace unlimited email accounts and the price for business plan is
349 rupees per month so this is recommended business plan now lets check the domainracer
plans or shared hosting so here is the domainracer plans domainracer
provide 4 shared hosting plans basic personal silver and advance plan
in basic plan it only host only one website in personal plan it
also host a single website and the cost for a higher plan is is 220 rupees per
month with unlimited website all features in silver pack means
you will get unlimited SSD storage unlimited email ids and unlimited bandwidth with most
important tool i.e litespeed Technology now let’s check the bluehost plans scroll down
…scroll down .. bluehost having 4 plan standard, business,
proplan, cloud plan, so 1st plan is standard plan with 209 per month lets check the higher
plan which provide in 440 rupees per month with
Quad Core processor, 4GB RAM unmeterd storage, unmeterd bandwidth now
lets compare the prices its given in 439 Rupees while domainracer providing in just 220 RS/month now lets check for hostgator it’s providing
349 rupees per month so in pricing domainracer is always best its providing in affordable
price if you are looking for an affordable price domainracer would
be the best choice now let’s talk about their customer support
for hostgator I will just say hostgator customer support is terrible experience for me. I have been customer of hostgator for 3 years
two weeks ago they suspended my website for no reason I have called and emailed multiple
times and they will not allow me to pay them to
get my website up on running I will not recommend them
I Would Still unresolved my problem let’s talk about bluehost support systeam I have
been facing issues with both my website we’re constantly getting hack
not once as a single customer executive even care to solve it
I even paid for them for additional security for one of my website and it made absolutely
no difference it is so frustrating to talk to anyone of them now
now I have started moving all of my domains to domainracer with so seems to be much better
than hostgator and bluehost they just show you provide 24/7 customer support
but personally I like domainracer customer support lets talk about domainracer customer support
I remember that my website is redirected many domains due to change the theme
of my wordpress so i immediatly called there support team they assist and resloved my problems
in just a minute so i will always recommended you to go with Domainracer
if you are still confused with prices and customer support wi1th these three companies
i will always recommend you to go with DomainRacer.!

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