Hostgator Review: Is Hostgator Good?
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Hostgator Review: Is Hostgator Good?

– Having run a successful
self publishing business, I thought it was high time I addressed one of my most valuable
tools in a website. Gone are the days when we could simply whip together any old free website, and expect our business to grow much. That’s why I thought I’d shine a spotlight on my web hosting service and domain name provider in HostGator. But it ain’t all sunshine
and roses, I assure you. That’s why today, I’m giving
my 100% honest thoughts in my HostGator review where I’ll address the question, “Is HostGator good?” Well, to find out, stay tuned. (mid-tempo pop music) Welcome to Self Publishing with Dale, and if you want tips and
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for all the latest videos. What web hosting service do you use? Also, do you purchase our domain from the same provider as your hosting service? Drop your recommendations
in the comments below. Today, I’m pulling back the curtain, and sharing my preferred online tools for web-hosting and
domain names in HostGator. HostGator is a Houston based provider of shared, reseller,
virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting. In layman’s terms, HostGator is a place to store all your website information on special computers called servers. After all, your website doesn’t just float around in the internet ethos without a place to call it home. Now, I know some of
you can’t spare a dime, and probably use free services, but that still comes at a bit of a cost. Rather than shame you for getting free web hosting or tell you
why it isn’t a good option, I wanna tell you how
HostGator is not at all expensive, and can be quite
affordable if used properly. Now, I’ll make it no secret, the HostGator Hatchling Hosting Plan costs about the same as
their competitor, GoDaddy, and are considerably cheaper than their higher end competitor of Squarespace. And when it comes to
getting your preferred domain name or web address, it gets down to nickels and dimes. In fact, most good domain name providers will cost anywhere from a buck to 15 bucks for the first year, depending largely on how specialized the name is. So, I won’t mince words with the fact that regardless of where you get your website name doesn’t so much matter, as long as you’re willing
to do a few extra steps, if your web hosting is
with another company. I make it easy on myself and simply order my domain names from HostGator, since it’s simple to attach the domain to my hosting package. Where you get the biggest
bang for your buck is through the upgraded HostGator hosting package plan called the Baby Plan. In the basic HostGator Hatchling Plan, you can attach one domain name, meaning you’re limited to only one site. That’s not a bad deal if you only wanna focus on one brand or one
avenue for your business. Since my business plan calls for multiple landing pages, websites, and
affiliate marketing avenues, I need a hosting package that can hold numerous domain names. That’s where the HostGator Baby Hosting Plan comes into play. You get unlimited domain hosting, meaning if you wanna set
up 50 different sites, you can do that. And since HostGator uses
a variety of website builders, including my
favorite, WordPress, it’s easier than ever to have a site that’s eye-catching and mobile friendly. The latter option is critical in this day and age of mobile technology. Here’s the killer part. HostGator’s Baby Hosting Plan is only $5.95 per month for your first year. After that, it increases
about 12 bucks per month. However, even after the price increase, that’s not bad, especially if you use your website to build and grow your
audience and customer base. The question still remains,
“Is HostGator good?” The pros of HostGator include: One, Dirt cheap costs Seriously folks, on all hosting plans, HostGator includes WordPress hosting, free and unlimited email hosting, and 24 hour online support as
well as limited phone support. Two, Answers everywhere It seems that everyone and their mother is using HostGator these days. So, if you have a problem,
then you’re merely a search query away from your answer via video or online forum. Three, eCommerce features Hey, if you want an easy way
to monetize your business, then HostGator has a
solution for all hosting packages in osCommerce or Zen Cart. Additional options are available, based on the pricing package. All that to say this,
you don’t always have to send people to Amazon, Apple, or other online retailers when you can fulfill the orders yourself. Sadly, it ain’t all good
news since HostGator has a few cons we need to address. One, The learning curve I had already mentioned
in the HostGator benefits that answers are everywhere, and that there is online support. So, one can assume that it’s not a simple turn key operation, and
you have some work ahead of you when you invest
in a hosting package through HostGator. The control panel, also
known as the C panel, is packed with features, most of which, I don’t even know what half of them do. But once you learn how to
navigate through the C panel, you’ll know exactly how to add emails, attach a domain name to
hosting server, and so on. Two, Online support It is slow! I’m sorry that I’m not sorry on this one. But for a web hosting business, you’d think HostGator would have quicker response time
on the online support. You’ll send in a service
request or question, and can wait upwards of 10 to 20 minutes to get some closure. It might just be that
I’m impatient, or–eh. Three, Autorenewal from out of nowhere Fair warning, in case you
missed it, HostGator is dirt cheap coming in, but after your first year with them,
the price nearly doubles. I wasn’t aware of that, or chose not to remember it, either way. When my one year anniversary
came up with HostGator, I was shocked when I was
automatically billed. And here’s the kicker. Though my initial date of
joining HostGator was mid-month, they billed me the month prior to that. When I followed up with HostGator
about this early billing, they were quick to
point out that all plans are set on autorenewal, unless you contact the company and ask for cancellation. And they don’t even give you an email to let you know that that
autorenewal is coming up. Either way, I planned on
staying with the company, and since their customer support is great, I stayed with them. All in all, I give
HostGator my thumbs up award for inexpensive web hosting services. Though HostGator has its
fair share of challenges, once you get past them,
it’s smooth sailing. For more information on HostGator Hosting, head over to Remember, if you enjoyed today’s content, then be sure to stop in every Thursday at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard
Time for my live stream. ‘Til later, this has been
Self Publishing with Dale, and I’ll see you soon.


  • Gord Isman

    I don't have my domain with my host so that I don't have to deal with domain transfers in the future. I am not with Hostgator now, but I was with them in the past and the service quality was good, but the service wait times were sometimes longer than I cared for. That said, I did like the Live Chat aspect when I used it! There's no question their value is great, especially amongst the behemoths!

  • Kevin Maguire

    I moved from there to Name Cheap. Great place for names and hosting. Awesome, and I mean awesome customer service and free "who-is" privacy for a year. SSL certificates are cheap too and becoming required if you want Google to pay attention to you.

  • Misty Skelton

    Hostgator use to be great BUT Brent Oxley sold it back in 2012. Any service provider to which was purchased by EIG (Endurance International Group), I would stay far, far away from. Do yourself a favor, look it up & save yourself the headache.

  • Jason Stallworth

    I use BlueHost and also purchase my domains through them (I like to keep everything together as much as possible). I chose them because I had decided to switch to WordPress many years ago after my site was hacked (I was using some no-name web builder and I was a newbie) Through a ton of research, I found BlueHost to be one of the best choices for WordPress. And I have multiple site through them as well (about 8). I've never used Host Gator but I know they're extremely popular, so they must be doing something right. And I've never heard anything negative about them. Sounds like Host Gator is setup solid for WordPress as well.

  • Paul Rega

    I use iPage a sister company of Bluehost. In regards to the auto billing they tried that on me too but I fought it and got them to keep the price from the previous year. I would call them back…see what they say Dale. Thanks for the info!

  • Darrin Wiggins

    I have only ever used Hostgator for my websites and honestly have not have had any issues in five years. As with any company that is huge there is bound to be an issue or two. Currently I have 5 domains on Hostgator. Great video man.

  • Dog Dad

    I've been looking at hostgator for a LONG time and I'm heavily considering it for my new domain for my newly released training course. Thanks for the info here Dale, SUPER helpful.

  • Michael Fresh Belief

    Hostgator is very bad, they forgot to back up my website and caused me hundreds of dollars and hours of work to regain everything.

    Customer support – wait 30 mins for online support and if you lose your connection you have to wait another 30 mins.

  • BrKT85

    Stay away from HostGator, customer service which is essential for any web business is absolutely horrible. Be prepared to spend more than 30 minutes on live chat. And if you email them to fix an issue, you'll be lucky to get a reply in 2 days.

    Avoid them or any EIG hosting company at all costs.

  • How To Blog Tutorials

    I am a hostgator user for almost 10 years now. I say, my experience is great. I get almost 100% up time rate. Customer support experience is not bad at all. I get support in less than a minute. Not sure why others is having long waits. I say it always depends on how you use your hosting service that matters. You can try a free wordpress hosting, there is such FREE Hosting with wordpress and cpanel. I created a video tutorial on that, check it out.

  • Simpl Tx

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE guys, after i've tried so many hosting services inmotion, hostgator & so many i'd like to share my experience in real & static land
    these guys "hostgator" are bunch of not qualified to mange it as they doing it through old & obsolete machines & system structures… i''ve encountered so stupid issues & thousand bugs here with them.
    their help won't help they'll manipulate & fooling you around takes 1-2 hours every time trying to solve your problem kaaaaaaaaaaaaak
    please save the planet & don't go with them even if they offer it free!! they take my money by mistake also & trying to set me up i've evidence that i can prove all issues i'm telling you about!

  • Sailing Atlantisea

    I have been using Hostgator since 2008 with 30 domains, but they were sold twice in the past ten years, and now Western Domans (subsidiary of Go Daddy) owns them. And their servers are in China? or some where in the international clouds. SLOW, can’t even sign most of the time? And did is say SLOW, except when making payments, then everything works fast. Looking for a new host. Reminds me of my Go Daddy days.

  • Gail Becker

    Thank you for creating this video, I was planning to use Hostgator because it is the only web host that has a monthly plan without forcing one to pay 12 to 36 months all at once.

  • Robert Weiss

    Their customer service very slow and unhelpful. I need to wait for more than 48 hours for just simple question. It is not good deal to host my site with them. Done with them and migrated all my files to asphostportal. They really lose my time!

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