HostGator Discount Coupon 2019 [Save Maximum on HostGator Shared Hosting]
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HostGator Discount Coupon 2019 [Save Maximum on HostGator Shared Hosting]

Hey guys, Harsh here and welcome to another
video episode of Shoutmeloud and today, I have something exclusive for you, something
that will help you to save money, plus you will learn something new, so today I have
to offer an exclusive discount coupon for Hostgator hosting, if you know of Shoutmeloud,
it’s an award winning blog and we have partnered with many companies and Hostgator is one of
them. So we have this exclusive discount coupon that you can use today which will help you
to save maximum on Hostgator hosting. So I’ll share the discount coupon with you and I will
share how to use this discount coupon and save money, so if you don’t want to see
the rest of the video and just want to know the discount coupon, the coupon code
is Shoutmeloud30. So this coupon code will
give you exclusive 30% discount and let me quickly show you how to use this coupon code.
So once you are on Hostgator site, you can link in the description to go the Hostgator
site. Click on get started now, select the hosting plan that you want to buy. My recommendation
is to go for baby plan because it lets you host multiple website and offer unlimited
resources. So this is the best plan, go for, and buy it for 2 year or 3 year term that
will help you to save the maximum. So click on sign up now and I will show you how to
apply this coupon code. So once you are on the payment page, this
is where you will enter all the details like you already have your domain name, you will
simply add thee domain name here, your package drill is here, you can select 24 months or
12 months. I would recommend to go for 24 or 36 months up to you. Now here is where
you need to add the coupon code but before you add the coupon code, make sure you uncheck
all these add on services, you don’t really need it. Now this is where you need to enter
the coupon code now. If you see by default, Hostgator will add you 20% discount coupon
code that is what they offer for their regular customer. With this exclusive discount coupon,
you will be adding 10% extra saving i.e. 30% saving on your total bill. So you need to
enter Shoutmeloud30, click on valid date and that’s it. You can see here your discount
has been applied and you are saving an extra 10% on your total order which is a lot. That’s
it, just simply fill up the form and click on check out now you can make payment via
your credit card or your PayPal account up to you, whatever you prefer.
So let me know if you have any question regarding Hostgator hosting or using this discount coupon,
you can ask me questions in the comment section below. if you like this video, click on like
button, do share this video with your friends that will help them to save 30% on their hosting
bill which is a lot. Bbye, take care.

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    Sir Iam shirish ,
    I want know can i get a free domain n how much it worth for hoasting it for an year n also how it cost for domain for an year????
    Plz clarify my doubt!!!

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