Hosted vs. On-Premise: 5 Reasons to Choose Hosted VoIP – The VoIP Report
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Hosted vs. On-Premise: 5 Reasons to Choose Hosted VoIP – The VoIP Report

The VoIP Report presents…
5 Reasons to Choose Hosted VoIP over On-Premise. HOSTED versus ON-PREMISE: Which option is
best for you? In one corner, you have “Hosted”, where
you pay a service provider to host your system in the cloud. In the other corner is “On-Premise”, where
you set up (or upgrade) the infrastructure on your own business premises. And the winner is …
Actually, there is no clear winner. In the end, it depends on:
• Your business & operational needs • Your internal resources & infrastructure
• And Your financial preferences But there are 5 factors that may make a hosted
solution a better choice for your business: Keep the up-front costs down.
Paying a fixed monthly fee to a service provider makes budgeting more predictable and preserves
capital for strategic investments. Get the infrastructure off-premise.
VOIP infrastructure Installation costs can add up quickly. With hosted VoIP, you can
say goodbye to on-premise infrastructure. All you need is a suitable connection to your
service provider, and phones for your users. Make better use of your IT skills
With a hosted VoIP solution, the service provider takes care of System maintenance, Upgrades,
and Other operational issues – leaving your IT team the time to concentrate on more strategic
tasks. Take advantage of the latest technologies
If your VoIP is hosted, your service provider is responsible for upgrades. They deploy the
latest version to all your users. Hosted solutions grow with your business
With a hosted solution, you won’t face the cost and disruption of increasing network
capacity. Just increase your monthly fee and you’ll have all the capacity you need. If your business meets these 5 criteria, then
a hosted VoIP solution is an excellent choice for you! To learn more, check out

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  • Bryan Carey

    On premises, not on premise. The word is always premises, singular or plural. The word premise has a totally different meaning: logic behind an idea.

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