Hosted VoIP Explained
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Hosted VoIP Explained

>>NARRATOR: What is hosted VoIP? Hosted VoIP is a personal business phone system
that runs in the cloud, so unlike a traditional hardware-based PBX
there’s no need for expensive engineer installs or complicated configuration. Your always in control of all aspects of a
Hosted VoIP phone system. Are you a big business looking to cut costs? Are you a new business? Are you relocating or upscaling your
business? Or are you a larger business needing high-end
calling features? Cloud hosted VoIP solutions are great at cutting
costs for your business, and come fully loaded with a host of premium
PBX features only very high end phone systems could previously offer Extensions Auto attendant On hold message Call recording Out of office message Voicemail Call Redirecting Direct-dials All simple features to set up and manage by
the web and cloud computing technology Call recording is a feature that is hugely
cost effective in the cloud, with cloud storage being cheaper than ever. You can record your calls for training or
legal purposes very easily with Hosted VoIP You can have call recording emailed to you
directly for reference and backup Give your business premium features and the
tools to be successful with a Hosted VoIP telephone system solution Run your businesses telecoms with a Hosted
VoIP solution Lower your costs and improve your communication
infrastructure Ensuring your employees and clients stay connected
no matter where they are


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  • Kristi Allen

    Virtual phone numbers are the option for VoIP to stay connected in network.

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