Hosted PBX with CoS Class of Service
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Hosted PBX with CoS Class of Service

Why is class of service, CoS, essential to maintaining excellent telephone call quality? It is important to note that in the past hosted voice solutions were offered only with VOIP over internet
service. These plans provided great hosted PBX features, but call quality and reliability were often
poor, because voice packets traveled over the public
internet. This service was not acceptable for companies for which call quality was mission critical. Now, cloud hosted PBX is maintained on the private network of the Telecom provider, and carried over commercial bandwidth such as voice T1, bonded T1, or Ethernet. By utilizing their private network, the telecom provider can ensure that CoS (class of service) packet prioritization is provided from the business user, directly to the PSTN, public switched telephone network, without the use of the public internet. This results in excellent call quality. If you would like to watch other videos which address related topics, please click on one of these green links. Or, click the link to our website, directly beneath this video to use our patented real-time pricing tool. This pricing tool is easy to use, and there is no obligation. Our pricing tool will assist you in checking prices and availability, for any business telecom service for your
business location, including: T1, Ethernet, Fiber, Voice, VOIP, larger circuits
like DS3, Fast E or Gig E, or networking between business
locations, for any location in the United States, or, international networks, please visit our website at I’m Jody Ellen, the Director of Training here at FiberLine
Communications. Thank you for joining us today for this training

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