Host your Website @ Rs 0 free hosting aws
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Host your Website @ Rs 0 free hosting aws

hey what’s up guys this is joy back with
another video of Tech Know Blogic Today I’m going to show you how you can host
your w ebsite using free VPS So first of all open the browser
and click on the first link that given in the description box below after
opening the Amazon web server landing page you get the free tier offer for 12
months just avail that offer it cost you only 2 rupees and the two rupees are
also refundable after your AWS account is approved log
in with your email and password after the login process is done just click on
the service from the top and from there click on ec2 now it open a new page now
click on running instances then click on launch instance from the top left now it
presents some operating system for this tutorial I am using Windows Server 2016
base 64 bit after selecting the operating system click on next in the
new page you need to select the free tier eligible instance configuration
otherwise Amazon charge you now click on next in the configuration instance
details page just don’t touch anything and just click on Next button now in the
security group section you need to add porch to access the server from public
networks it already listed the RDP port now as HTTP, HTTPS and all traffic or and
select source anywhere now click on next in the new page it shows the whole
configuration of your VPS just click on next and it pops a new window from the
pop-up window just select create a new Pair key and rename that and click on
download that key and click on launch instance now wait for 3 to 4 minutes it
set up your VPS in this time I set a new name for my instance if you want to do
them you can also follow this method otherwise you can skip this step when the server state shows running then just select the instance and click on
connect from the top and download the RDP file from there in my case I rename
that file and paste it in my desktop now in my case I rename
that file and paste it in my desktop now again in the running instance page of
AWS select the instance and click on connect from the top now click on get
password in the new pop-up window it needs the key pair that you downloaded
before click on browse and select the downloaded key pair now click on decree
password now it gives you the password copy that password from the pop-up
window and close the pop-up window now double click on the RDP file and click
on yes now it asking for the password paste the password there and click on OK now it for few seconds and you get your
VPS running in front of you now in the VPS if any network permission pops out
then click on yes.Now from the taskbar click on the file explorer option, then
from the left tab click on Network now click on the top network tab and click
on network and sharing option from the left bottom of the window click on
Windows Firewall then in the new window click on advanced
settings from the left tab now in the Windows Firewall with advanced security
window just click on the Windows Firewall properties and now change the
inbound rule from block to allow in domain profile, private profile and
public profile now click on apply and then click on ok
now close all the windows now open the Internet Explorer and use the
recommended settings now in the address bar type a new security
pop-up comes after that just click on the check box and click on OK then again
a warning pop-up come just uncheck the
check box and click on close. now in the
Internet Explorer top right corner click on the tools icon and click on internet
options. in the internet option window go to the Security tab in the security tab
you must be select the globe icon that indicates the internet and click on
custom level now in the custom levels window scroll down until you saw the
download option and under the download enable file download and font download
again scroll down until you get the scripting option under the scripting
option just enable the active scripting and then click on OK if any security
pop-up cames just click on OK and then click on apply and then click on OK now
search for xampp in Google and download the xampp software after the download is
done simply install it up the installation take up to five to ten
minutes so wait for the installation after the installation is done just
check the box and click on finish now select the preferred language and click
on save after the Xampp controller appear just click on the X sign before the
Apache and MySQL when both of the box change into green checkmark just start
the Apache and MySQL now minimize the RDP window and go to the AWS instance
page now select the instance and copy the public IP for address and paste it
in your browser now it opening the Xampp default page now you can access this
server from any network but the PHP myadmin
only accessible from the localhost if you want to access the PHP admin page
from your network or any other network then you need to configure PHP admin
manually to grant the other network access so that’s it for this video now so this is the end of this video if you like this video press the like button if
you don’t like then don’t shy press the dislike button and share this video as much as you
can if you have any question comment down below and make sure to subscribe to
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new video or going live this is joy signing off thanks for
watching and have a great day


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