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Welcome, In this video, we will host our website
on GitHub, so everybody can access it. What is github? Github is the largest host of source code
in the world. So if programmers write code they often upload
it on GitHub, so they have it stored safely and can share it with other people or work
with them on the code. But in this video, we won’t give you a detailed
explanation of how GitHub works this would take too long, we will do this in a future
video. We are using github to host our website because
it’s free and it is a service that you will have to
become familiar with if you start building code. It’s like the instagram of developers, but
instead of pictures we share code. For many employers what you have uploaded
to GitHub is more interesting than your resume. Let’s go to Now you have to create an account, this is
pretty straight forward. I won’t show it in this video, I already
have an account. Now let’s create something which is called
a repository. We can do this here or here. The repository is basically just a place where
we store the code of a particular project, similar to a folder on your computer. I will call at website-moritz you use your
name or something that makes sense to you. If you are more advanced you will interact
with github through the command line interface. But for now it’s great like this. Let’s Click on uploading existing files and
now let’s drop our files in here, we are going to need the html and our css file, the images
and our favicon data. Now let’s commit those files. This means that we save these files to our
repository. I will write an uncreative commit description:
“Initial commit for website.” And click on commit. Now our code is hosted on GitHub but our website
can’t be seen by anybody yet. To host or website on github we will use something
called github pages. Let’s go to settings and here under Github
pages we can choose as source, master branch. Github will use the data in our repository
and display a website on the address that is shown to you here in my case Sometimes this can take a while but usually
it’s pretty fast. Great now everybody can access our website
under this address like we designed it. One more thing before we finish this tutorial. You can also setup a custom domain, if you
don’t want to point people to the github address. Like i did for my website here. For that you will first need to buy a domain
then you can click here and you need to configure your dns settings. I will put a tutorial on how to do this in
the additional learning materials of this course. If you need help with this come to our telegram
channel. Great that’s it, now you build your own website
and posted it on github. In the challenge of this learning community
you come up with your own website, maybe with new bootstrap components a youtube video and
own original content. We are looking forward to giving you feedback
on it and maybe you will even earn a reward.

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