Host Retreat: I am co-hosting a TV Show
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Host Retreat: I am co-hosting a TV Show

Hey guys, How are you today? So you’re
gonna hear a lot of talking and stuff in the background but I want to do this
video as you can see I’m not in my typical room at all I am in a retreat so
I’m really excited to let you guys know that I haven’t be hosting the show and
I’m super excited about I’m sorry I’m kind of rattling but I’ll be hosting the
show you have to look out for it because I have fires coming out make sure you
know look and see it on my YouTube I want to post it every day up to Thursday
because I will be going on live on Facebook and you get to see it also you
also if you in the middle of Georgia area they’ll be releasing on the
Christian network as well in little middle Georgia and many other countries
but I’m really excited to be sharing so much information with you guys you do
not want to miss it this house is gorgeous it’s so gorgeous like right now
where I’m sitting I’m sitting like more of a den area will you go to my left
it’s with most of the ladies like 19 of us so it’s a long table that is
absolutely gorgeous I’m sitting right by the lake and it’s a pool in the outside
area it’s just amazing I’m really really excited but I want to come over here and
let you guys know that yeah you’re gonna be looking for me I’m gonna be posting
but I’m not gonna post as much because I have to focus on this host retreat and
also focus for in this TV show I will be doing two shows as a composter so you do
not want to miss it’s gonna be absolutely amazing I cannot wait for you
guys to see it you can’t you don’t want to miss it so I’m excited come on
YouTube video good you’re gonna see you are here a lot on what a record but I’m
gonna hear a lot of people talking a lot of ladies talking so don’t be described
it but it’s a lot of us in the house but this house is absolutely amazing I’m
going to like use my phone and I’m going to let y’all see it it’s it’s amazing
god I don’t want to miss it it’s really pretty it’s just really pretty I’m
blessed I’m very very blessed I’m a very very thankful that God allowed me to
like be in a mansion for four days to feel how life will be I always dream to
have a a big home with a pool and you know all
these things like that so goddess let me feel what it feels like and honestly it
feels homey it doesn’t feel like huge and uncomfortable it’s like oh I got a
lot of house that’s pretty much it but I get to see the family on here
Caucasian family very sweet they have three children husband and wife they got
pictures of the kids everywhere which is awesome but nice home it’s absolute
amazing this is probably a B&B of Airbnb home but this house is amazing very well
decorated very clean it’s just amazing it’s amazing amazing but like I said I
will be on doing a TV show I’m doing two TV shows doing two shows you do not want
to miss in my first one its journey of surrender which i think is absolutely
amazing and overcoming trauma in depression you don’t want to miss that
I’ve been to buff those things I have shared with you guys
tons of times but I want to be on there with a couple other ladies three other
ladies uh I’m gonna be on number three other ladies called hosting the show
along with the host was Justin you shouldn’t either which is absolutely
amazing I’m sorry my sweet child so you do not want to miss it I’m excited I’m
excited I’m sorry my side of my side of the side a but I will be doing videos
mom here in different parts of the house so ya can see my backgrounds and things
like that so yeah I’m gonna see a dip change which I know I had to hurry up
real quick before the Sun went that high little natural lighting it’s the best
lighting it’s the easiest lighting trying to make the lighting is kind of
hard but I’m just gonna come on tell you guys I love you I appreciate you guys
thank you for supporting me as I am opening like God is opening huge doors
for me if you know anything that’s going on content to a speaking engagement
pertaining to a show of high caste vintage you think I’ll be fit for please
reach out to me overcoming the stigma at
tag me and let me know because I would love to be a part of some amazing events
getting this information out so many people are living with herpes and they
need help so allowing me to help them guys so let me know what’s going on in
your city and your stay in your country let me know I got my passport now so I’m
ready to travel so I’m ready I’m ready when you guys are
and I’ll talk to you guys soon if you need me make sure you book for next week
I will not be available at all this week so make sure you book for next week for
any sessions that you may have so I will tell you if you’re gonna cook you better
go ahead and book because I got a lot of things to do that we as well so if you
want to do a session make sure you do a session also if you missed out on a
letter tour it’s okay I’m not gonna beat you up something about it but make sure
you come out to the next tour the next tour is gonna be in dorm door yeah I
line up following Huntsville following the Orleans following Maryland following
template and then following Houston you do not want to miss it here in any of
those nearby areas make sure you take advantage of the tour you do not want to
miss it’s a two-day tour or one day to it depending on you the first thing you
get one-on-one session the second day you will be getting for the educational
day where I will teach you guys how to disclose I will educate you guys I have
somebody from your city come out educate you know what’s going on in your state
pertaining to STDs or how to protect yourself and then we’re gonna have some
fun we’re gonna eat a little bit we’re gonna talk a little bit we’re gonna hug
a little bit and then we’ll see you guys on your way but you do not want to miss
it it’s a great event as y’all know deep down love to educate so that’s what I’m
going to do it wanna make sure you gotta walk away with something that you can
use you can take anyone who comes to them it’s gonna automatically walk away
with a disclosing on script you know something real brief or something that
can help you so you gonna who girl okay okay I can do this I can do this I’m so
it’s gonna assist you with the yeses and noes and the dudes and adults so it’s
gonna assist you in so many ways so you do not want to miss it you do not want
to miss it also as y’all know the no pain no outbreak challenge starts March
1st you don’t want to miss it I’m about to send out the email for all my
individuals already part of I got about 25 people who are already signed up so
I’m so excited I did the video yesterday just in the farm market just talking
about a couple of things I also have another video by amazing friend who is
also a holistic orator native medicine who jumped on with me on the video of
just preparing you guys for this journey so you do not want to miss on any of
those in any of those videos so make sure you sign up there
make sure we’ll be below for you you don’t want to miss out on this I don’t
know if you want to do this again so you want to make sure you take advantage of
it while I do it I think it’s gonna be a great start for
individuals who are really learning want to learn how to maintain or reduce or
eliminate that out brace all in all and just learn there buddy this is your
opportunity to do it with the group we would have a Facebook group as well
which I have created I think you will get to being that group and be supported
like you need to be supported so do not miss out do not miss out and do not miss
out you don’t have to it all of that program is free so don’t feel like you
gotta pay for it no it’s a free program and take advantage of the guys cuz I’m
going to share so much information when I have people jump in and assist us to
help us I want you guys to take advantage of that opportunity so I love
you guys and we’ll be talking soon all right


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