• GrimReaper SPL Team

    hi :)im trying to have multiple site on my wamp server but something is missing to make it work…i can't use port 80,so i change it for 90…host file editing is ok,but after you change the vhost file in extra,where do you put it?do i have to copy it to the httpd.conf file?

  • Raemaman

    Hi im having problem starting the apeche, after i did this. but when i remove all the configuration the apache starts. So im thinking maybe there are something wrong on my port 80? can you please help me. thnx

  • eduardo lopez

    great!!, but how to access form another diveces, like a phone or another laptop (by wireless)??, just can when write IP of machine server on navigator of another device :/

  • Diy in the Ghetto

    Here is a good question. How do i stop people from using phpinfo for security reasons?

    I also get a error message would not start because of the directory problem.

    <Directory "C:/xampp/virtualsites/onlyfourthings.com">
    Options Indexes
    AllOverride AllOverride
    Require all granted

    Please help me.

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