• travellinbug

    Hi Richard. I've been thinking about joining Booking.com however they did not provide me with a method for collecting deposits. I don't feel comfortable blocking off dates for guests who have no commitment whatsoever and who can cancel any time without notice.

  • Fred Schacht

    Richard- thanks for offering this stream. Couldn't join live but the conversation and platform is really cool!!

  • Marko Ramovic

    Dear Richard ,
    I am watching all your videos and really appreciate your effort to present your knowledge about short term hospitality business.

    I am a complete noobie and have many questions and curiosity as I want and have big ambition to start my own empire. 🙂
    But before that I have a lots of steps to make offcourse.
    So as You can see my name is Marko , I live in Belgrade , capital city of Serbia(Eastern Europe). I own a small apartmant (studio) in the very center of the city. I invest about 3000Euro to make this flat as good I am able to and it will start to operate in about 10 days and my primary platform is ,you can guess Air bnb 🙂

    My plan is after I make some experience with my own flat to start subletting appartmant's until I have enough cash flow so I can purchase my own properties on credit and make them work and pay themselves.
    As I am starting to respect your work , I would like to hear from you at least brief reply and opinion about my long term plan and how I see thing s.

    Keep the good work , I am sure it will pay off somehow!

    Thank you!

  • Beverley Seaton-Bernard

    Hi Richard, I'm watching from Jamaica. Just want you to know that I appreciate your videos and the effort you are putting into it. Thanks a lot.

  • Luz Peguero

    Hi Richard thank you so much for developing this channel you truly inspire me to be a short term rental entrepreneur :). I hope to start my Airbnb listing as soon as my home is finished. ( it’s new construction) Do you have advice for me for things I can do to be proactive? Thanks so much!

  • keba wilson

    Hey Richard I am from Caribbean I like what u saying..I got same in Caribbean but I don't get booking from airbnb I got from book.com I don't like fact u have sit an wait for them u not sure if they coming pay at the property book.com don't take money from the guest

  • Mystic World

    Hi Richard, Thanks for posting the videos which motivate us n encourage us to do more n explore more. I'll like to explore the opportunity in short-term rentals, are u intersted in investing or partnering in India?

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