Hosixy Review – Actual User Thoughts (Plus, Hosixy Web Host Discounts)
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Hosixy Review – Actual User Thoughts (Plus, Hosixy Web Host Discounts)

hey what’s up guys it’s John here and in
this video i’m going to review Hosixy so this is my Hosixy review video and i
also wanted to let you know that Hosixy is on sale starting today all the way up
until november 30th of 2018 however if you’re watching this at a later date
don’t worry because Hosixy has at least a minimum of three sales per more per
year like this like the one you’re seeing in front of your screen and don’t
worry we’re gonna cover this as well here in just a few seconds so keep
watching before we get started just a little brief history about me just so
you know that i’m not just you know trying to sell Hosixy i actually do use
how sexy and i mainly use it for mass page affiliate sites this is where I
separate my affiliate sites from my authority sites my authority sites are
another hosting now what you’re seeing here is the normal price for the
packages seen in Hosixy and by the way there’s a lot here guys so I couldn’t
possibly cover all of these this is all depending on your situation and what you
want you might not be building mass page sites you might be using it for other
reasons but I I implore you to check this page out there will be a link below
to this Black Friday sale page so you can check that out the one that I
currently use right now though is this WordPress VPS starter package normally
$15 per month now you can pay $10.50 per month or you can pay $22.50 per quarter
I like the quarterly rates better than the monthly rates and the quarterly
rates are also discounted and before I forget when you become a member for
example let’s say you start off like I did with the VPS starter kit the next
sale that comes around you and you need you’re running out of space here for
example like I am you can upgrade to the next package at a discounted price as
well but that’s the key here you have to be up
creating you can’t do it on existing packages alright guys that was my video
for today this video was quite short it doesn’t really need to be any longer
than this I think because it’s all situational on how you’re gonna be using
Hosixy however I will keep the link below this description updated like I said
there’s at least three other sales throughout the year but this is the last
one for 2018 I’ll keep the link below this video in the description updated
for these other sales and also my link below will provide you with the 20% off
discount code you can use on any other of ho succeed services on their website
so make sure to check that out in the description below and if you like this
video go ahead and hit that like button hit the subscribe button the
notification bell and if you have any questions leave them in the comment
section below and I’ll answer them as soon as possible
thank you for watching my Hosixy review video and I’ll talk to you next

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