Homestay Japan: Living with a Japanese host family
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Homestay Japan: Living with a Japanese host family

I chose a home stay because I wouldn’t know how is the real life in Japan how Japanese people live The reason I decided to become a homestay host is at the beginning, it was because I used to study English before and in Japan there was not many occasions for me to use it So it was a way for me to improve and for my kids to have a global point of view in life And also for them to have no barriers against foreigners And I also wanted them to use their English but even more than that for them to learn about cultures and learn different habits Also I wanted them to experience things, as what you think might be obvious for you it is not obvious for other people You will find out a lot of things about you I think it has become a great experience for the kids as well That is what I believe. Near my house the station is near and there are a lot of convenience stores Arashiyama is near by train also Kawaramachi and the centre of the city is near The school, too, is near so it’s very convenient Sometimes we have receive people who have allergies but by modifying the food we cook they are able to enjoy Japanese cooking in a different way and also it has given me a chance to see Japanese food in a different way So even if you have an allergy you are able to enjoy Japanese daily cooking with us


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