Hitting the wall with your server infrastructure?
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Hitting the wall with your server infrastructure?

(gentle piano music) – [Narrator] Did you know
that over 3/4 of AI adopters say they’ve hit limitations
with on-premise infrastructure? It’s a problem that’s rippling
through many industries. AI is the future of business. And businesses that lack the capacity to properly run AI workloads
will struggle to compete. Two things have become clear. Across industries, AI demands specialized high-performing infrastructure. And an effective solution hasn’t emerged, forcing experimentation
with different strategies. That explains why more than
45% of small businesses and 35% of large businesses expect their current infrastructure for AI to last no more than another year, and why more than 22% are
on their third generation of AI infrastructure. They’re trying on-premise solutions, cloud implementations, and hybrid models. They’re trying solutions
developed in-house, along with those from resellers, systems integrators, and consultants. But out of this chaos in the marketplace there are new opportunities
to break through. With the right strategy, you can get architecture
that maximizes performance, enabling faster storage and
greater data throughput. You’ll be able to put AI in the hands of non-technical users and scale fast across your business. It’s time to take the lead with AI. Learn more about AI server
infrastructure today.

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