High Burst Hosting Explained with Netregistry
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High Burst Hosting Explained with Netregistry

>>In front of you here is a diagram of the
advanced hosting infrastructure which Netregistry has implemented to host your business online. First up we have the fibre channel storage
network. Fibre channel is the fastest, most reliable and also the most expensive networking
infrastructure for storage area networks. With mulitple storage devices in the storage
area network netregistry is capable of delivery a whopping 10 gigabits or ten billions bits
per second of data accross its network. Second layer, the file system layer. This
is what interfaces with the fibre channel storage area network. With multiple nodes,
multiple large files can be delivered in parrallel. The nodes are in active, active configuration
which means they are all working at once for you to deliver files fast and with extreme
accuracy. While proving ultimate redundancy and failover. The next layer is the parrallel data path.
Request for files through the file system layer, from the cluster layer are made here
via gigabit networking. There are multiple switches here to further increase redundancy
and availability. the cluster layer is a collection of servers
which are dedicated to server single solutions. This means things like PHP, FTP, ecommerce
payments and databases servers are all running on separate servers to increase server speeds
and reliability. For example, your ecommerce payments will
not be affected by any other processes as your ecommerce payment is being serviced by
a machine completely dedicated just to ecommerce payments. The last layer is the routing and load balancing
layer. This layer made up of professional grade, award winning CISCO routing hardware
provides unmatched redundancy. This layer also provides load balancing accross the cluster
layer so that if any one dedicated device such as ecommerce becomes busy a second ecommerce
cluster which is not busy will handle the request. As you can see, our network is unparrallelled
and provides the upmost redundancy, realiability and speed. Backed by IP connectively from
two tier one providers and one neutral tier two peer exchange, Netregisty really is providing
you with the very best in online hosting.

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