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Hey Oliver How-To on AppSumo

We can all agree that getting web traffic
is only half the marketing battle. The other half? Getting conversions once the traffic has arrived. So what if I told you that there’s a tool
to help you engage your visitors, identify your best prospects, and generate new qualified
leads, so your marketing campaigns get in front of your most interested visitors. Game-changer, right? Well then, you better stick around for today’s
product showcase. What is up, Sumolings? It’s your girl Vanessa here with AppSumo,
and today I cannot wait to tell you about Hey Oliver, a marketing tool that boosts conversions
with automated, targeted campaigns tailored to your visitors’ actions, interests, and
behavior. Before I break down all of Hey Oliver’s
features, you better hit that SUBSCRIBE button and ring the bell so you never miss out on
a deal. Now here’s what you need to know first:
Your customers will interact with Hey Oliver through Bubbly, which acts as an action center
and will appear on the bottom right hand corner of your website. Bubbly is always available for your visitors
to chat with one of your reps, view active campaigns, read your Frequently Asked Questions,
or get in touch with you. Plus, your visitors will receive personalized,
automated campaigns in the form of in-site and popup notifications while browsing your
site. Aaand before you ask: Yes, you get total control
over what and when Bubbly shows your visitors. Just head over to the Chat panel and FAQ panel
to customize the user experience. Now let’s check out the dashboard. Here, you’ll get an at-a-glance overview
of your website activity. Check out the number of campaigns running,
how many leads were generated that day, and more. Then, over on the Live View page, you’ll
see your web visitors in real time. Each visitor has an individual profile, where
you can see what and how often they visit, their browsing history, and their engagement
history. If y’all have chatted here before, you can
even open a live chat with the visitor directly! And whenever a visitor starts up a chat with
you, the conversation will appear in the Chat page. Now, the Audience tab is where things get
reeeaally good. With all of this data, you can segment your
groups based on super-specific criteria. Leeet’s just say, for example, you want
to create an audience group made up of people who have visited your blog 3 times in 1 month
for at least 5 minutes each visit, specifically from their smartphone, while in France. Ta-da! It’s that simple! Once you’ve created your segments, it’s
time to start a campaign! Under the Marketing tab, you’ll see Hey
Oliver’s Campaign Creator, which lets you target and automate your campaigns in just
a few clicks. Get started with a target group, decide when
the campaign will run, and give it a name and category to find it later. Then, enter your campaign content! You can format the text and add images and
video to create compelling calls to action. After entering the finishing details, you’re
ready to go live! Once it’s time to check up on a campaign,
just head over to the Marketing Overview. When you select a specific campaign, you can
make edits and see the leads its collected. Speaking of leads… Let’s head over to the Leads tab, where
you’ll find one of Hey Oliver’s most unique and powerful features: Lead Scoring. Here, you can rank the actions of your visitors
with points, to help you understand which users are the most engaged and make the best
leads. Hey Oliver delivers so much more than I can
get into here, like Goals, Action Tracking, and Form Tracking. But to sum it up, if you want to create a
personalized experience for your website visitors by using targeted, tailored, and automated
marketing campaigns, then you need to get Hey Oliver.


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