Hetzner Online – Training as an IT specialist in computer systems integration
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Hetzner Online – Training as an IT specialist in computer systems integration

Hi, I’m Simon. I’m 17 years old, and this is where I work. I’m in the support office in our data center. Here, trainees do technical maintenance and take care of customer requests that they make using the web interface. In the network department, we trainees mainly focus on learning the basics of networking. For example how data travels through data centers via routers and switches, and we learn about the configuration of the networking hardware. We also study network protocols and other interesting topics. I am now in the Product Advice department. Here we answer general questions about our products. If, for example, a customer wants a special configuration via an additional cable, we give him instructions on how to order it so that he gets it exactly the way he wants. A big part of our training is software development. We develop our internal systems and customer interfaces using PHP and Bash. For complex questions, we also provide customer support. Every six weeks we have vocational school for two weeks. In addition to our main subjects, such as English, Social Studies, and Economics, there are also technical subjects such as Networking and Programming. There we learn programming languages such as PHP and C++. In my opinion, the knowledge I learn at school, plus my hands-on experience at Hetzner Online, is an ideal education.


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