• Jon Kitchen

    A very nice woman ,but I have been an empathetic person my entire life,and yet I am suddenly and repeatedly called a faggot libtard ,if I go to the store.I don't believe I need to change my actions,unless it's to protect myself with arms which I despise. I am not going to become a gun owner just because there are people who want to kill me for being a liberal thinker.

  • TheaDragonSpirit

    Lost me at do on to others how you would do to yourself!

    If someone wants to be raped and rape. Is it ok for them to rape?
    If someone wants to know the pain of been shot in the foot, is it ok for them to shoot you in the foot?

    No this is stupid. It should be: Be considerate of others and treat them how they want to be treat.
    Empathy is not about how you would feel in their position, it's understanding someone's life story it's about getting a deep understanding of how they think and how they would feel in that situation and being able to understand. You might not relate but you can still feel the pain of the situation based on their life and how they feel. You can feel what they would feel in that situation but because your life has been different in a similar situation you would feel different. So empathy is understanding others, not putting yourself in your shoes in that situation but putting yourself in there life and do your best to understand how you would of felt with that background in that situation. Empathy is deep emotional reasoning. It's not like awww that's cute, awww that's sad. No that's crap. Deep emotional reasoning is understanding feelings from many previous events and situations and actually feeling emotions, this allows people to care.

  • TheaDragonSpirit

    Everyone should always give people evidence and show how something they believe is wrong. Obviously people will not change instantly. People have beliefs not made out of ice cubes which melt instantly with a little heat, but out of stone, rocks, cement, it takes time to reshape or reorganise believes and facts once realised and at first people might not want to believe someone else and really fight the beliefs or facts given to them. Why? People need to make sure who every is saying something different to them is not wrong before they start reshaping their beliefs about anything.

    People do change and quite often they just don't make massive changes. If you look at how you where 10 years ago and look at how the media and life has shaped you, than you will realise the truth about change. Point being talking about beliefs and morals laying out the facts and beliefs you believe to be true is fine, that is the only way to make people more moral. Especially when these beliefs are based on facts and evidence.

    Talking alone isn't enough, people have to have the hard moral conversations the ones they don't always like, but to be moral that is what one has to do. That is if they truly want to be moral.

  • TheaDragonSpirit

    If Washington DC is not going to solve your problems scrap it make a new way to do government show everyone and start over. There is no point having a government you don't believe will work for you. Over wise that is called a dictatorship even if the 500 dictators all work together to get the country close to how they want, if you don't feel involved or part of it than it is broke and it needs fixing.

  • Kimberly Edwards

    What do you say to people who won't listen? What do you do when you listen to them, but they refuse to listen to you? What do you do when their hatred infringes on your rights? What do you do when the actions of others turn you into a target? Why should I treat people well when they treat me like garbage? You can't talk to some people. Some you can. I appreciate your advice for dealing with people who really believe they're helping things, but others are simply happy that their hatred can finally flourish.

  • Lindsay Heath

    This is so amazing. I needed to hear this. We're not covered in red tape-we're people! If we search fervently for thing we agree on we can make the world a better place.

  • Paullelujah

    Why didn't she mention ''Christianity'' when she talks about empathy? Everyone knows the verse in Luke 6:31 where Jesus says ''Do to others as you would have them do to you''.

  • Madhu .Devaji

    Absolutely beautiful to see true leadership and mature humanity in the public square. Bravo, Celeste. Keep it up.

  • Virtual Media

    Celeste is one of the most inspiring speakers of our time. We desperately need someone like her to get into politics…

  • David Houle

    I'd just say be careful with "why do you think that"? "why" questions can appear to be confrontational very easily. I'd say "tell me more about your thinking on that".

  • Cheyanne Smith

    ..she was on C-span's BOOK TV this afternoon and brought the house down. She is brilliant and we need more people like her doing what she does-trying to get people to commune

  • Marcy Ellis

    Thank you SO much! Yes. This is what we need. Thank you for your insight & giving clear direction as to what we can do to restore & heal. <3

  • jchinckley

    You cannot expect to receive respect without giving it and most often giving it first. Don't wait to be respected. Just be respectful of everyone you ever met and will ever meet. Life is just better that way.

  • torrace12

    we can together get in to the state where we start to learn things. (by following Celestes advice) i think we can not change without being in that state, it is fixed in our genes that it is the way we do to change

  • Djoni Joensen

    we always think about the people, why don't we think about our self? we should really forget what OTHER people doing in their life, and spend more time to THINK!! what WE really are doing or thinking…

  • Djoni Joensen

    why do we have to take care of other people we dont know about ???? do we really want to spend our time to
    think what other people think and doing in their life? NO!! the world is smaller than we think it is, you can recognize any person you have met before for maybe couple of days- time- maybe YEARS!!

  • Djoni Joensen

    please stop talking about trump really! i can't stand him, he's is dangerous? and all kids in UNITED STATES?? are really scared for him and SO AM i – aand i really understand ‼️

  • Djoni Joensen

    Celeste, you have to remember that we are only human being. And none of us are guilty, but innocent. We do bad thing, we do good things. Also on most on social media. Everything is dangerous today.

  • Harry R

    I’ve seen two talks given by Celeste and I always find myself infatuated with not only her knowledge, logic, and rationale, but also with the way she presents herself and her ideas

  • shrikant sabale

    You are just outstanding but when I will learn what you are teaching me is the biggest question!!! Thank you ?

  • Nina Hansen

    Unfortunately, her prediction has come true! The country has become more and more divided, more and more hostile to one another.

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