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wait it already has one game played it’s not it better not be a loss it was a 15 minute loss I’m playing at a disadvantage oh wait that was in way was that ranked okay you know what we’re gonna roll with it let’s go let’s go Taiwan server ladies and gentlemen wait is my club twice who had this account before me can I leave this club okay that’s he viewing the club all right let’s go first game jungle baby woo i alright I like how this is going let’s go alright right it’s all in Chinese Master Yi Master Yi Master Yi Master Yi best he’s at the end could not be easier I mean it could be easier if he was at the beginning alright graves alright Braves Braves raids okay that’s that’s gonna be problematic [Music] but not completely undoable you don’t think this is rain is this rain it says 5 B 5 and it’s in drafting mode wait is this ring this options not right is this seriously not ranked is this ranked of course yes yes si si thank you okay si no you guys tried to troll me but my English speaking friends got my back go go go go go go go go go go first blood baby first blood on the Taiwan server go go go go go go go slow hold press the attack like this I ain’t done all my flashes on the wrong people oh wait I have alpha are you get level to level two oh I’m going I’m going maybe oh he’s a little too baby he’s level too oh dude this business so good at this game this is great I love Taiwan server I already got two zero one it’s two minutes in I should have ran dark Arvest a baby free kill incoming wait where’s the point uh the five minute nerve dude wow he just missed thank you that’s correct I’ll just give this guy [Music] I’m going in we’re going in never mind yeah just walk away walk away bro I’m going in boys going in push push and I’ll go in wait I’m hiding a lie health bars how do I turn that back on how do I turn a light health bars back on I’m gone baby I’m okay I’m not yo don’t let me take the tower damage brah alright boys we’re good we’re good let’s get out of here yo just cashed out Draven no big deal oh here comes Ari doesn’t look very good so there’s no hotkey which means it has to be one of these like this hey Morgana I’ve been setting a hotkey for minion health bars anybody else want a piece of me can I set my minion health bar key now okay that’s good oh do I have emotes control ok the enemy thief dice are doing a pretty good job in – wait a minute why don’t I just leave walk in and end it well we’re about to figure out why I don’t so yeah I was talking about how good of a job they weren’t defending the base and then I realize they’re not actually defending the base at all late I could just walk in and end it like they were defending that tower really good but they weren’t actually defending the Nexus so okay nice I don’t know why this Shin continuously alts me like that but you know what at least I know he’s paying attention to me yeah you better kick me bro get out of my house I’m on my Quadra can I have a Quadra alright if you guys don’t come to Finn I’m just gonna end the game then your loss alright guys that was our second game even though technically it says we have three games but you guys know why it’s because somebody already played a game before me I guess I don’t know but yeah so that’s two wins 0 losses I like it – six oh come on dude are you really gonna flame your team like who is this a brand dude you’re four five man you got carried and you’re gonna sit there and flame the Ezreal like come on man alright let’s check out that damage graph I like it like that but like typically light in gold it’s really easy to gain so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna smite this because I’m too lazy and I’m just gonna we’re gonna get this guy look at that look at Elroy’s he is a fading master here boys look at this he baited the flash and everything look at that guy oh he’s he done does it a try though you ain’t going nowhere okay that alpha was a bit poorly timed I didn’t dodge a knock up or the sub-zero but you know what sometimes you just get fed enough that you don’t need the dodge look at it look at a run look at our squirm Hey okay look at it look at it that’s really cute that’s really cute okay so anyway no it didn’t alphabet Stewart that was amazing Alice her well done dude okay that that gets a big fat spot cheap from me that’s bocce that guys was game number four so we are now four wins 0 losses I forgot to say that but now we know as we say here and stare at a blue screen for YouTube yeah baited look at this we got a fiesta get him fist get them all baby look at what I started wait does that mean wait why am I getting three I need a way for this previous ones I can’t no time reach yes yes yes yes you missed the charm yeo-jin can you turn that hell around thank you baby Jim what are you doing here just give me all your CS this is tax we live in America ah nope too easy I graduated from University of good at this I feel like that’s too much money for it pull up do you not know how to use your pull buddy come on duty yes easy uh-oh yo Falcon cake thank you so much for the subdued wait what is my riff doing what are you doing kill the tower what is the enemy doing why are they just ignoring my rift oh that was soaked I was in Alpha chats time almost an alpha like dude seriously how did they know I was in Barren seriously like they always know I’m in baron dude it’s okay we got bad and my alarm went off was there a ward in there oh I’m retarded this is game number five or four six I’ve lost count I was an alpha dude that’s BS man I’ll take it give me first our blood only ten more hits nine eight seven six five four don’t even tell me how sexy that meditate was I don’t need to know because I know whoosh description not this bad all right folks here we go game number six is a win we have currently six om placements oh god he has ignite don’t eat me bro yes yes I’ll play bro oh no it’s you can’t you can’t play jack seven wins 0 losses we kill the Fed Jets – oh Jesus Christ they’re going after defeating NASA’s dude whatever whatever all right boys we’re not gonna lose this game either hello youtube how you doing we are now eight wins 0 losses though this game looks really really close that Yasuo got 1700 well I’m coming Ari dude yes did you see that icon he’s like dude dude I need that icon in my life that was so good Oh got it that’s a fountain ain’t done it ain’t over till it’s over I need my Quadra I need my Quadra where the hell they at what the heck you get I see you bro unofficial penta but it doesn’t count we are now nine zero in our placements we got 21 kills that game I wonder how much damage yes here we go can we win one more and go ten Oh emplacements and that is it folks we have won ten out of ten games in our placements on the taiwan server what rank will I get I think I’m gonna get plat for or plat three I’m hoping for plat too but I’m thinking I’m gonna get platformer plat three so my vote is higher than platform and twitch chat thanks plat five or gold one you know what guys no faith all right guys here we go 10:01 taiwan server is equal to no way plat five no no that is disgusting [Music] [Music]


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