• SpenceDaFence

    Thank you for uploading this. I heard Christina mention this interview a couple of years ago and was looking all over YouTube for to no avail until now.

  • emancoy

    Strange that these two intelligent feminists women failed, and the god awful type of third wave feminism they spoke against have taken over.

  • ExtrackterYT

    11:04 This removal of art are still going on. In Sweden a feminist politician demanded that pieces of art should be taken down… and has been taken down. Paintings by Georg Engelhard Schröder "Juno" got taken down, and then "Ceres" … puritanical nonsens

  • 12345678

    @10:19 By how awkward Christina gets here and the fact that she even mentioned it she must be aware of the fact that Camille is a very sick woman who supports child pornography and pedophilia.

  • Hassan Ansar

    I think yes. My head of year teacher asked us to put our hands up if we were feminists and she shamed the people who didn’t put their hand up she is so fucking dumb. She was literally forcing us to be feminist.

  • lugosky02

    Wow! I get it now. These fucking activists will keep hitting the same rock until it cracks! Video's from 1994! We're in 2019! Wow!

  • HeavyMetalPedal

    Everyone should watch this… only 4365 views…. this is complete censorship. Feminism is Communism! “The New World Order will be a Totalitarian Socialist government… a Benevolent Despotism is what those at the top call it.” – Milton William Cooper

  • Two Be

    I can back up this type of feminism. Women who are objective, eloquent, respectful and rational. No insulting or causing violence.

  • ManInTheBigHat

    Twenty five years ago these women were saying the same exact thing, fighting the same awful fanatics. We thought those fanatics had died. Now they're back and so much worse.

  • Ben Atwood

    If you want to see a satire about feminist activism back around this time, look up kids in the hall art class politically incorrect: https://youtu.be/n1tFbZ5kaY8

  • Onion Eye

    When the dust settles on this madness called modern feminism, Christina, Bernitta and Camile will be the heroes of the world. These are real women, not those sad and bitter, angry bunch. Crazy bunch.

  • rGG

    If these 2 woman would have gotten more coverage maybe all this madness could have been avoided. But humanity keeps a trend of mainstreaming the worst arguments each and everytime.

  • Leonardo daAdelaide

    When the Ego finds a bias it can wield for Power, it will spread like a virus when Righteousness is the puppet master. Then the domino's fall with almost zero resistance. What a sham, but no surprise in the Age of lies and deception and opportunism. Feminism basis back in the 1800s was valid, but it's become a tool for becoming all the vile things women in the 1800s found distasteful about men!

  • Paul Neubauer

    Feminism was never good, it's just exposed more of its real agenda as it has gained power.

  • FrankDaTank1218

    These women saw this way ahead of the curve, if it wasn't for the hairdo's and video quality, you wouldn't know this was 1994.

  • Balmung014

    Humanity loves to give attention to negativity and that is what modern feminism has become. We in various anime and game groups have respect for these two women for standing up for the truth of what feminism has become.

    There are battles to be fought and all the male bashing, all this seeking of attention prevents us from sending reinforcements to those fights. I wish that these two would promote some of the fights for women's rights that still need to be fought more often.

  • Barnes Barnesy

    These two are correct. Modern feminists are trying to take credit for social changes the pill and technology created.

  • ShikagoMale1

    The Left is waging a proxy war against America for European establishment. If they succeed in watering down men, this country is finished.

  • Flash Trance / DESU-CHAN55

    It had already gone too far over 20 years ago. Now it's just a damn madhouse. Men speaking naturally is stigmatized. Men sitting naturally is stigmatized. Men liking women is stigmatized. I can't be myself with anyone anymore, not even my own family. It's so depressing.

  • Flash Trance / DESU-CHAN55

    Love the part where Camile talks about being atheist but recognizing the importance of judeo-christian values in western society. So few people seem capable of developing nuanced positions like that, I respect that a lot.

  • Corno di Bassetto

    As a hominist, I'll address these issues seriatim:

    1. "America is still a patriarchal place."

    OF COURSE IT IS! Women created the patriarchy TO SERVE WOMEN. This is a fact of our reproductive history. All life begins FEMALE. The FEMALE (mother cells and daughter cells) then create the MALE precisely to SERVE the female needs and precisely for male AGGRESSION. Thus the sperm are created to be aggressive and to have aggressive motility in order to serve the female need to be passive and tended to by the aggressive sperm in order to ensure the most robust progeny. The logic is only the most robust male sperm will survive over hundreds of thousands of rivals, hence ensuring the most robust genes.

    Now nothing changes at all in extrauterine existence, apart from a few variations. The woman is not entirely passive, like the ovum. She walks about and even works as news anchors, etc. But SEXUALLY she remains passive, forcing the male to aggressively pursue her. Instead of the pheromes the ovum has, the woman wears heavy scents, stiletto heels, nylons, mascara, etc. On the other hand, instead of spermal flagella to reach the ovum, the male now drives a Porsche or Lamborghini to prove that he is the best suited to fertilize the woman or at least to provide for her (providamory, or the attraction of women to the best providers).

    2. "Has feminism gone too far?" The hominist argument is the problem with feminism is not that it goes too far, BUT THAT IT NEVER GOES FAR ENOUGH. Even as feminism invents soft, easy, or safe targets to attack, it never really attacks its own power and privileges.

    The way the young Meghan Markle attacked ONE kitchen ad directed at women but has since, despite a voice that can be heard by millions, attacked the numerous BEAUTY ADS DIRECTED AT WOMEN.

    This is what hominism means by feminism never going far enough. Same with the invented Gender Wage Gap. The same feminist who claim there is a Gender Wage Gap in the legitimate workforce, based on a reputed 20% or even 4% gap in gender pay, then say nothing about the 100% Gender Wage Gap that favor women in the sex trades.

    Keep in mind, for hominism, the sex trades include ALL REMUNERATIVE SEX EXCHANGES THAT FAVOR WOMEN, where men pay women everything and women pay nothing. That's a 200% gender wage gap, since the $100 the man spends on the woman, the woman gains from the man, consituting a 200% disparity.

    These remunerative sex exchanges are both criminalized but also normalized, and include escorts, sugar babes, upscale dating (hyperamory) and upgrade marriage (hypergamy), mile-high sex, nude masseuses, strippers, exotic dancers, pole dancers ("Hustlers"), etc. To say this is not income is absurd. "Pecunia non olet." Money doesn't stink.

    Similarly, women have attacked all gender binaries that favor men but feminists never protest the important gender binary that favors women: being allowed to dress in a sexually provocative manner, EVEN IN THE WORKPLACE or on network or cable news.

    As with remunerative sex exchanges, to say this is not an advantage over men is absurd. It allows women to maintain sexual power over men, the sexually passive role, and polarizes the sexes into sexual male and sexy female, directly leading to those remunerative sex exchanges mentioned.

    The fact this is dollface minstrelsy is a holdover from a discredited sexist past when women had to sexualize their faces, hair styles and bodies in order to attract men either as sex workers or wives, is ignored. Yet if an employee flew the Confederate flag over her home or wore such a pin on her person, she would be summarily dismissed. How is women adopting the sexist regalia of the past any different from someone adopting the racist regalia of the past?

    Hominism has brilliantly established an empirical standard of sexism that feminism has been unable to do for centuries. We have shown that all sexism is based in gender binaries. Thus we abolished marital distinction for women and now address all women as Ms. We abolished sexist Girl Friday ads as gender binarist. We created gender-neutral terms such as chair, fire fighter, police officer, mail carrier, etc. We even abolished exclusive female names for hurricanes. Yet despite all these radical changes, women are still allowed to perpetuate gender binarism by wearing feminine and specifically sexually provocative clothes, including mascara, make-up, flamboyant hair styles and tints, bright colors, nylons, stiletto heels, slit skirts, miniskirts, hot pants, cleavage, off-the-shoulder dresses, monroes, halters that expose the midriff and belly button, painted finger- and toenails, open-toe shoes, etc. So how can one claim that feminism is going too far when it has never really gone far enough. It wants to abolish male social status and income but not female sexual status and income.

    3. "The anti-feminist backlash." Hominism CATEGORICALLY rejects the use of feminism as norm. That's the reason I created the term "hominism," in order to finally rid men (and women) of the albatross of having identify either as feminist or antifeminist or male rights feminism, etc. thus making feminism the norm. Hominism rejects feminism as the norm and hopes that both men and women will soon adopt the term "hominist" for a movement towards sexual equality.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift

    TOLD ya' that the crazy insanity of "Feminism" was happening right before my eyes during the 1990s. Of course, I HAVE to agree that it's only gotten WORSE. I say, "Feminism", because I can't call it REAL Feminism.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift

    "lunch conversations"….That entire Anita Hill case reminds me a lot of….<cough> Christine Blasey Ford <cough>, who was….TRAUMATIZED enough to LAUGH and FORGET everything during her testimony.

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