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Hello everyone, this is SoundDrout and today I’m gonna be doing something a little bit different So I got this idea because I have an alts on discord and you know, what else I have I have a discord server. And so we’re gonna be doing today. Anyway is we’re gonna be trolling people. I Know it sounds like it’s a 2012 already. I know but don’t worry. It’s gonna be interesting so basically, I have an alt and this is it right here minor crafter 102 and I’m on my server right now with over 500 members wink-wink nudge-nudge if you want to join link is in the description joy But anyway, I’m just gonna give myself some permissions real quick because right now I’m just a fan I don’t have any permissions. I can’t ban people one eternity later. Ok So I’ve just made a roll which is basically like the same as fan. It looks the exact same But the only difference is that it has permissions to do anything in the server But uh right now it’s below every other role so I can’t edit them So I’m gonna have to move that roll up a little bit first. Boom, okay Now I have the highest role except for Dino but I have the highest role on the server so I can pretty much do anything now except for delete the server obviously, so Now I’m gonna be trolling people. And the first thing I thought I could do is I would troll my moderators So here’s one right here droopy the weave I’m gonna just do something a little bit unexpected All right there so we’ve spammed a little bit. Let’s see if droopy warns us So now droopy is on edge because I got warned. So I’ve already broken a rule So now I can do something that’ll really confuse droopy. Okay? Look, so we’re in the staff chat right now, even though we aren’t a staff member. This is really going to confuse. Okay, watch this There I pinged him in the staff chat Let’s see how he responds Look a question mark He’s so confused right now I got painted by him. All right, I have an idea Wait, wait. Wait. Okay, let’s go to General no way. Let’s talk in one of the giveaway channels. So okay. We’re in Bubblegum simulator giveaways Okay, let’s just talk in this channel. Let’s see how they respond. Okay doesn’t look like they’re noticing anything right now Wait. Oh, I think he found out I think I think he I think he looked at the channel what? Look, she’s so confused Alright I just deleted the message in the giveaway channel. It’s gonna look like he’s hallucinating or something alright I don’t want to make it too too far of a troll because I don’t want to give it away already Because if if they find out that I can chat in like every channel they’re gonna think that something is up something is really weird Okay, I’m just gonna try spamming again and but this time I’m gonna do it a lot more Okay Alright, let’s do this There we go. There we go. That’s how you spam. Oh my gosh. Okay. I bet he’s gonna try and warn me again I’m gonna try to get him to kick me. Let’s see. Let’s see. Oh There you go got warned again. Okay, I’m gonna try and get warned once more if I get warned like three times He should be able to kick me. But the thing is that I have all the permissions so he can’t kick me Okay, let’s let’s spin again They won’t be able to meet me. Oh Okay, let me remove my permissions real quick, okay, wait watch this watch this all right there, okay I changed my role back to the regular one Okay, let’s see if they kicked me this time Wait, wait. Wait, let’s see if they kicked me. I just spammed again. There we go. We got kicked We got kicked from my own server. Oh, that’s brilliant. Oh, that’s hot. Okay, I’m gonna join back again, man I never thought I would get kicked from my own server. That’s a that’s pretty new Let’s just join back cuz I want to do some more trolling. There. We are Okay, we’re back in the server and no need to worry Let’s head over to the announcements channel and just to say something. There we go. I just said hi in the announcements channel. Oh They’re gonna be so confused Okay, let’s see what they say I’ve just put high in announcements how has nobody noticed yet? This is really weird one eternity later I’m just gonna spam the announcements that means that they should notice that I typed in there. Oh he’s trying They’re gonna ban me You’re trying to ban me from my own server. Okay, let’s let them ban me hang on. Hang on I’m gonna let them ban me okay, and then i’ll unban myself So, oh, I just got muted. I just got muted. Okay I’m gonna have to try and unmute myself real quick. Oh my god. Banned. I think did I get me? Oh, I just got banned for spam. I’m gonna unbanned myself and they’ll get off So let’s join back again for like the third time Alright, here. We are. We’re back in the server if they check the audit log, they can see that I unbanned him So that might give it away but I don’t know. We’ll see. Oh my gosh, what okay Let me remove the muted role so that way I can talk in chat and I’ll give myself the all permissions role So now I can do anything. I Just warned one of my own moderators. Oh Oh, there’s probably gonna give it away, okay, let’s let’s see what they say Oh, Droopy is trying to ban me for bypassing a ban. Okay, everybody’s trying to ping me to get my attention because this is happening Okay, I just talked in chat a might normal account. Oh my gosh. She’s so confused I feel bad now. I know let me ping him in the staff channel again on my alt. Let’s see if he responds Okay, I just said wow. How is he doing that on my main account? Like I’m trying to act confused so I don’t give it away that it’s me. So if I try to ban him wait, wait wait I’m gonna try and ban him. Oh I just tried to ban myself for hacking discord. Oh, my gosh, trippy is spamming. Geez Calm down, dude. Okay, I have an idea now I’m gonna change the role and make it visible to everyone and I’m gonna change it to Herobrine and then we’ll display it different there. There we go There now I’m herobrine look at that isn’t that amazing Yeah, they can’t do anything to me. I’m I’m an admin. I’m herobrine. Yeah, dude, I’m herobrine. Look at that I’m gonna I’m gonna go steal your diamonds. Are you ready? I’m gonna show you what sharpness 5 looks like. I think this has gone long enough. There we go I demoted my alt from herobrine to fan. So now I can’t do anything But now what I can do is I can ban myself There we go, I just banned myself I was pretty funny I didn’t expect people to react that way I thought it would give it away instantly Somehow it didn’t well. Anyway, thank you all so much for watching. I hope this was entertaining it definitely was for me Be sure to check out the discord server if you want to join it It’s a pretty cool place If you enjoyed the video, feel free to like the video you don’t have to you can dislike it if you didn’t like it But if you did just remember to like it because that really helps So I’ll see you all in the next video. Goodbye


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