Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire – Domain of Istan Gold Farms with Custom TacO Markers

Today we will take a look at new farms in
Domain of Istan. To get there you have to own an expansion
Path of Fire and Living World Season 4 Episode 1 Daybreak. It will unlock for free if you log in along
the update or you can buy it later for gems. I’ve also made TacO markers for all relevant
farms in this guide as well as for Trade Caches and Sand Piles. At the beginning of new map stands usual currency
vendor and this time with interesting upgrades. Karmic Retribution costs 16 000 Volatile Magic
and 35 Gold in total, but it should be your first investment. With this upgrade, most of the mobs will drop
an item what can be consumed for karma. Since meta events spawn tons of them it’s
one of the best ways how to farm it. Meteor farm is confusing at first but profit
is great if do it right so you definitely try it. To begin with go to Astralarium Waypoint and
talk to Scholar Fatima. She will give you Brandstone Multitool. Talk with her again and buy multitool upgrades. Brandstone Meteor Sites aren’t available all
the time. One will spawn roughly every 15 minutes and
stays for 5 minutes. Double click on multitool gives you a special
ability what works as directional ping while mounted or change your skills to multitool
while on foot. When You use a ping ability, the spot will
be marked for a moment on the minimap with the red cross as well as on the screen so
once you have a direction it’s quite easy to find it. Since you have only 5 minutes window it’s
a good idea to sit on some vantage point and take advantage of griffon superspeed. Check my other guide on how to do it. When you reach Meteor site, use your special
ability again and swap skills to Multitool. First, use skill 5 in the middle of the site. It will amplify drop chances for everyone
who mines around and it stacks up to 5 times so for maximal efficiency you need at least
5 ppl. Then use skill 1 what works as a local ping
for actual mining node buried underground. Once you find the right spot, use skill 2
and dig it out. When it’s done use skill 3 and finally extract
resources from the node. Sometimes you will find a big meteor chunk
instead of a puddle. Destroy it and then quickly mine it’s core
multiple times with skill 3. Since Meteors spawns at slightly different
times on each map and Skill 5 stacks up to 5 times it’s a great idea to form squad and
jump between multiple instances. Paladawan Meta event chain starts at nightfall,
so every 2 hours. You will push thru the gate, capture several
points, destroy Joko statue, kill champions, sink 3 ships and on the end kill Archon Iberu
once again. It’s all very straightforward, just follow
commander and tag as many mobs as possible for extra loot. I have to recommend my engineer PvE farming
build here. It’s extremely durable and great for tagging. After every sub-event spawns around Supply
Stashes with bonus loot. You should open them immediately. Most of them will respawn before meta ends
so you can loot them for the second time. Stashes are always visible on the map and
minimap so you can easily check if you got them all. Mordant Crescent Great Hall meta event is
basically smaller, more frequent version of Palawadan. Pre-events for another chain will begin 15
minutes after previous ends. You push thru the gate, clear some awakened,
Kill Champion, smash fountains and kill the last boss. There are again Supply Stashes with bonus
loot what respawn during the event so loot them immediately as well. Hearts in this map are actually interesting
to repeat for daily merchandise. They are fast and offers 25 Ore per day for
a bit of karma. It’s character bound so you can get a large
amount of it with multiple alts. -At Astralarium flip mirrors around the main
structure and clean obelisks on the floor above. Then finish participation with 2 delivered
books. -At Corsair Flotilla swim down to shipwreck
and bring supplies back to heart NPC -At Champion’s Dawn pick up Confiscated food
and deliver it to marked villagers. Along the way open Cages. Confiscated Food Karma Farm is located in
Champion’s Dawn. The idea behind it is simple, you just pick
up Confiscated Food around and sell it to the heart vendor for 100 karma each. The similar system works with other hearts
in Path of Fire as well but here you can continue even after participation is filled which makes
it a pretty decent source of karma. Confiscated food has 3 minutes respawn. Sunspear Caches are a pretty nice source of
Volatile Magic, Unidentified Items, and Kralkatite Ore. You can find 35 of them around the map and
loot them once per day. Perfect filler between meta events.

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