Green Web Hosting Hostpapa WebHost Review
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Green Web Hosting Hostpapa WebHost Review

welcome to my review of whole spa pas
the green web hosting web hosting okay let’s get started as
usual I talked to have a lot to say so the first thing I want estelle you is
this look appearing top right corner life support is online I meters a real person working
behind this business offering you support you can’t beat that they talk about 202
reviews at 4.7 out of 5 read it average well I don’t really
necessarily believe that the usual here let’s check it out I want to host Papa and I’ll see real
quick I like this 10 pages on one page number
six and this is the worse reading I could
find this guy our girl or person says that services
Valerie II reliable pardon me in urban billing
issues in customer service and I spent problems and look at sisters
been pretty harsh job reading here and soul Becky and the
Beanstalk dot com I am is the worst job the worst
testimonial that I can find and so that all that matters is this
look rain here I looked it up its Kaela who is searching the domain name is back
into being stopped up com I is still using the name servers for
horse papa that means that their servers are
serving is still with host Papa they having left their service and act
speaks volumes to me so if you can be this harsh in reading
you’re still going to use their service I’m is a must be doing something right or the fixed a problem problems are not
the issue is how they respond to the problem that an
issue look the price well that’s pretty fantastic
so an even talk about that let’s go to the bottom the stuff that you care about this is important to me Green Hosting
you know like solar panels and wind are generating farms to power the server
stat power your website the you can brag about it on your site: sale uk my website is green I what house here look at this and to speak in 2000 8
they’ve been around for a while are nothing take back a text notes five
years right there I 2011 they got big for best web hosting a
top-10 whole side host index and number one award for Green Web Hosting and a were featured in PC world look if you’re gonna drop a name drop a
name like PC world I wish I could drop anemic PC world from
my business their authorized i’d get verified merchant if you’re going to get a credit card
processor on the Internet authorized our net is the number one
most well-known been around a long as kid on the block that you have ever
heard of and these guys used and further credit
card processing nothing safer as far as an insert
secured by doesn’t matter its secure that means the
loft a lil icon that locks when you place in order
that’s gonna be taken care of they’re part of the Better Business
Bureau they haven’t eighty minus for review fantastic means when you complain direct
response you’re complaining I just ignore you and they have a safe secure lock so and
that just fancy greenwebhosting fancy way to say they look we check
every day to make sure that the site is not vulnerable and they take all these fancy credit
card payments dayquil green they have reseller accounts they have a factor web
hosting and there’s a community look towards
data centers are service guarantee I could go on and on and on about post
paper green red whole a web party me host of a
green web hosting with the funny little dude character
mustache I hadn’t all that matters is this they have a
phone number there they have a life support and their app Better Business Bureau
accredited with him a-minus rating and they’ve been featured
in PC world what more can you ask run don’t crawl sign up for all star
power right now green web hosting

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