Graham Norton’s hilarious speech opens BAFTAs | The British Academy Television Awards 2019 – BBC
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Graham Norton’s hilarious speech opens BAFTAs | The British Academy Television Awards 2019 – BBC

So welcome, thank you For our annual celebration of the finest television this country has to offer Honestly so much great TV isn’t there I tell you you’ve all been working harder than the plug in air freshener at the Ecuadorian Embassy That’s hard that is working there If you have tuned in to see the final episode of line of duty I’m afraid you miss that that was last week, but say all you need to know is It’s not a spoiler nobody knows what it means touching its straws we just Knowledge, even though everyone loved it The interviews are they’re incredible a more forensically detailed interrogation of times date and mobile phone data Hasn’t been seen since that time Sean Walsh got home late from strictly practice Yeah, you snog one dancer Now ladies and gentlemen As we all know the country became bitterly divided this year after a controversial Extension was granted to give more time people were angry particularly as Raul then went on to win Bake Off Every week after an error of judgment a baker gets kicked out this week it was Danny literally a showstopper It felt like things really moved on this year, you know We now have a female host of question time and all female lineup a Newsnight. It’s fantastic Not only great for equality, but it saves the BBC a fortune. Don’t clap of that Tess Daily Full disclosure by the way, a woman wrote that joke. I’m just reading these things aloud, okay Television has continued air to embrace the modern LGBTQ world with programs such as butterfly queer I and soon to come drag race UK. Yeah, I know Not to mention Danny Dyer’s brave decision to live simultaneously as a middle-aged man at a young woman Beautiful beautiful One of my favorite TV modes of the year was when bears the Happy Mondays went on bargain hunt If you’re watching bears, seriously that did happen you did do it Hey and what about killing Eve ladies and gentlemen Jody comer and Sandra Oh Oh Have you ever seen such an enthralling love/hate rivalry played out between two actresses on television? Well keep watching because they can’t both win tonight Hey, let’s mention the brass documentary there boys It was Must-see television. Now a lot of people have argued about which one emerged with the most dignity. Well, I tell him balance It’s probably the basest Craig took time to take part Pili horse with a bodyguard she’s here. Hello I Feel I should say hello now Because of jade mercury has anything to do with it. You won’t see the end of the show will you know, or will she? Now if you are going to do a speech tonight if you are a winner Please be like David Budd in The Bodyguard and say as few words as possible Now, when it comes to award shows I have a mantra it’s the same one I use before sex the sooner we start the sooner we finish So, let’s take a look at what fantastic year we’ve had in TV


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