GOPRO HERO 8 – How does it compare to the HERO 7 and DJI OSMO ACTION?

So now we know the GoPro Hero 8 is
coming out this month how will it compare to the GoPro Hero 7 versus the
DJI Osmo action we’re gonna talk about it in the video coming up all right guys
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subscribe to my channel and let’s get right into this video so the GoPro Hero
8 images and specs were released on a German website called win future and on
this website you can see these photos here and we’re gonna get to the specs at
the end of this video but the specs weren’t really the most impressive part
about what was released for this GoPro Hero 8 what we’re gonna see from this
new GoPro action camera what we’re gonna see is a lot of accessories and features
for the accessories ok the specs are pretty much the same like I said we’re
going to talk about at the end of this video but let’s talk about this thing
they called the media module which is built into the GoPro Hero 8 so this
media module has two hot shoes one on the top and one on the side and
basically you can add an LED light you can add an external microphone you can
add an external screen if you want this module also has a little bigger mic on
it looks bigger than the previous GoPro action cameras and it looks a lot better
it’s bigger obviously it’s probably going to be better and you can add an
external mic hopefully it will be a legitimate external mic out port that we
can add good audio that’ll be great so that’s a huge upgrade for this new
GoPro now one nice feature for people who like to be in water I’m right near a
lake right now I like scuba diving too and snorkeling for those type of people
if you’re with your GoPro and you’re just holding it or you’re worried about
dropping it here in a boat and stuff like that it has a little orange
floaties so you can put this around just like the media module and the GoPro will
just float to the top okay so if you drop it you’re not gonna lose this it’s
not gonna sink to the bottom so that’s a nice feature as well a nice little
accessory that you can get as well and another nice feature that I think
longtime GoPro users will appreciate is the bottom little hinge so as you can
see on you know the action camera right here this little bottom part it’s gonna
be able to fold up used to be able to not fold that up so you can fold it up
and I don’t know if they’re gonna have another attachment they might and
accessory where you can add to a gimbal stabilizer a tripod without using this
that’s what I think they’ll they’ll have so you’ll be able to fold it up which is
kind of nice gives you a little more options for
using it as a media module so to speak I was hoping for a better sensor however
the specs as we’re gonna talk about now don’t seem to be that big of an upgrade
so I think the specs were a big letdown but the accessories were pretty good now
the specs are basically the same thing that we saw from the GoPro Hero 7 so 12
megapixels 1/2 point 3-inch CMOS sensor not a bigger sensor not a one-inch
sensor which a lot of us were hoping for which is kind of a letdown same 4k up to
60 frames per second and shooting 1080 and super slo-mo up to 240 frames per
second I was hoping for at least 480 or maybe like 900 or a thousand frames per
second in 1080 we’re not gonna see it that I was kind of letdown about the
hyper smooth this is the same I’m fine with that
I thought the stabilization was great with the hero 7 and the fact that the
hyper smooth is gonna be there again the same thing that’s not that big of a deal
another nice thing is that it’s gonna use the same battery so if you have
another GoPro you don’t have to buy new batteries that I like a lot I like the
fact that GoPro keeps the same battery alright
I would have like longer battery but the fact I can use my old batteries is nice
some of us may be saying to ourselves oh why don’t you just upgrade and give us a
longer battery because these batteries do die pretty quickly it’s kind of a
gift and a curse you know you can use your old batteries but for new new users
it’s kind of gonna be a little bit of a bummer the size and weight is basically
the same exact thing so it’s almost like a GoPro Hero 7 with a few upgrades for
accessories that’s the way I see it ok same size same way it can go down to 10
meters so for your divers you’re gonna have to get the housing unit to go down
further than 10 meters or about 30 feet 30 35 feet I’ve gone down to 35 feet
with this when I was diving and it’s it was perfectly fine now the price
everybody wants to know the price now the new price is gonna be 470 euros or
520 American dollars which to me seems kind of
I especially since the DGA Osmo action just dropped in price down to $2.99 on
Amazon right now and I’ll put a link below to that so for five twenty when
you can get a GoPro Hero seven that is really great now the GoPro Hero seven I
believe it the internal audio is pretty good I mean it could be better but for
an action camera I can actually vlog with this and I thought the audio was
was better than the DGA Osmo action so having that external mic will improve
the audio but do you need it not read that really for some of you you know who
want to have really professional videos really great audio yeah but it’s not
really necessary okay one thing I forgot to mention I want to keep this video too
long is the fact that you can also livestream with this new GoPro so the
GoPro Hero 8 you can live stream to YouTube and other platforms social media
platforms which is a nice feature and it also shoots h.264 and h.265 so shooting
h.265 for you people who have the computers and capacity for that that’s a
really nice feature but for most people it’s probably not going to be necessary
so I think GoPro is targeting people who are into making higher-end films or
making their films a little better making the audio a little better with
these accessories adding a light which is nice and it’s gonna have a night mode
so low light and anything in night I think it’s gonna be better but we still
have that small sensor which is still kind of annoying we’ll see what they do
sometimes you these camera companies and these action camera companies can do
amazing things even with the small sensor so well we’ll have to wait and
see but other than that it’s pretty much the same specs seems to be like this the
same camera and one last thing I would have liked to see that I haven’t heard
for the GoPro Hero 8 is a front screen like the DJI Osmo action so for $299 you
get a front screen and it’s very comparable now the GoPro I put other
videos you can see them over here that I’ve done comparisons and you can see
this video here as well and to me it has more dynamic range than the DJI Osmo
action also has better audio but the Osmo action has that front screen so if
it’s really a medium module and they want to talk about media
why didn’t you add the front screen it really doesn’t make sense to me maybe
they will update that but it seems like it’s not gonna have that front screen
which is kind of a bummer a lot to wait and see
leave your comments below what do you think about this new GoPro Hero 8 I’m
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