Google Cloud Public Datasets Program Overview
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Google Cloud Public Datasets Program Overview

SPEAKER 1: Hi, my
name is Shane Glass, and I’m the program manager for
Google Cloud’s Public Datasets Program. I’m here today to talk to
you about the public datasets we host in BigQuery and
Google Cloud Storage, and how these datasets
can help you more easily unlock new insights
in your existing data. We currently have more than 130
datasets in the Public Datasets Program. These datasets are onboarded
and maintained by Googlers with input and guidance
from data providers. You can see here a sample of
our weather and climate data providers, including NOAA,
NASA, the European Space Agency, and the US Geological
Survey, among others. Our BigQuery public
datasets can be joined with your existing
data to help you uncover new insights more easily. Datasets like the Global
Surface Summary of the Day, which provides meteorological
observations of weather stations around
the world every day going back more than 100
years, can for instance, help you better understand
how weather might impact sales patterns for your business. We’re constantly
adding new datasets, and here are just two
examples of recently added unstructured
datasets, both coming from NOAA, the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration. These are the
High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Model, which includes
fine-grained wind data at various altitudes,
and the National Water Model, which has information
about flooding and water moving across the
continental United States. You can learn more about the
data we make available for use in the GCP Marketplace. Here, you’ll find an overview
of the data and samples to help you get started. You can go there now to
explore what’s available and start learning
more from your data. Thank you.

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