Google Cloud & G Suite domain setup for WordPress
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Google Cloud & G Suite domain setup for WordPress

Hi I’m Craig for Digital PeopleFolk and I’d
like to show you this setup on Google Cloud platform if you are using a WordPress site
and you’re also using G suite for your demain. So let’s walk through it first off looking
at the documentation on the setup there’s just two steps. One is doing the verification and then adding
the MX record to your domain unfortunately while going through the documentation what
I didn’t see on G Suites page was how do I set this up for Google Cloud Platform. There’s a lot of different other hosting environment
and domain services but I don’t see Google Cloud platform on here and you may be confused
on what do you actually need to do. First what you need to do is go into your
admin for G Suite and start the wizard the setup wizard now I’ve already done this so
I can’t go in and pull out the exact text that you would need but where you need to
go is into your setup and then it’ll have this Setup Wizard and go to set up Gmail and
if you’re not verified yet then some cold will come in so that you need to actually
put this into your domain registrar your demand service so that you can actually verify your
domain that’s the first part you’ll see that you can go to the generic information and
it’ll give you step-by-step information on On how to get that code so how to get that
verification code then you’ll go to your domain registrar I use value to mean which is a Japanese
registrar there’s two things there’s a nameserver and then there’s DNS so you want to go to
DNS the name server the name server which is in Japanese the name server and this is
in Japanese with the name servers where you point to your demand in the beginning and
your name server is different and what you want to do is pay stub verification code in
the settings for your DNS after that you want to hit save now verification could actually
take a while so before you see it in your admin but after that you still need to go
Within Google Cloud platform and the back-end go to network Services go to Cloud DNS and
from there what you’re going to do is the second part of the second which is pointing
the MX record and on this generic setup it has the instructions for that and you need
to go and follow this but this part needs to go in Cloud DNS on the zone that you set
up or any site that would be right here where it says MX records and you add them line by
line and so after you add in the MX record you actually finished and you may have to
wait a day or two just for everything to paginate through the internet but that’s how you would
set up Google Cloud platform while you’re using G Suite to make sure that your email
gets routed to G Suite correctly and I’m Craig for Digital PeopleFolk if you like the video
please like or share or subscribe to the channel if you like to see more videos like this I’ll
definitely start having some tutorials going over reviews of some of the online courses
that take. That will be coming soon.


  • Jo Osler-Lane

    Hi you are obviously the guy to talk to if I have a problem.
    I am attempting to link a domain bought on g-suite (proxy provider is Go Daddy) but am having a huge amount of hassle in doing so. I have set up the DNS named servers and also zones with cname and A zone but my problem is I cannot now access the WordPress login pages to allow me to build the website. It was working when originally set up the instance and used Click-to-deploy WordPress but now does not (404 URL not found). also when I type in the website address it comes up with a load of garbled information secifically this -Nothing Found
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.
    The web address is Take a look and tell me what I can do to resolve the issues, if I can that is. One Page Zen has told me I should delete the instance and simply redo the installation of WordPress!!!!

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