Google Cloud for Startups – Intro
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Google Cloud for Startups – Intro

at Google Cloud– SPEAKER 2: We are united
behind a singular goal. SPEAKER 3: We want people
to use great technology– SPEAKER 4: To make great things. SPEAKER 5: Do you know who
else likes to compute things? SPEAKER 6: Startups. SAM: I’m Sam, and we are the
Google Cloud for Startups team. SPEAKER 6: We’re
here to help you work with the customers of tomorrow. SPEAKER 7: But wait, why
do we care about startups? SPEAKER 4: While some
startups may seem small, they have massive
growth potential. SPEAKER 8: In fact,
sometimes they can become some of
our top customers. SPEAKER 1: Take
Improbable, for example. Improbable started just
five years ago with a vision to provide the infrastructure
to make virtual reality possible on a large scale. SPEAKER 4: They grew
quickly, raising round after round from top
investors, participating in Google Cloud for Startups,
and speaking at Next. SPEAKER 9: So how do
we find great startups? SPEAKER 7: At Google
Cloud for Startups, we work with very, very
early-stage startups. SPEAKER 1: How early, you ask? SPEAKER 2: That’s right. We do that so by the time
the startup looks like this– SPEAKER 4: They already
know and love Google Cloud. SAM: You may be familiar
with our credits programs, making GCP, G Suite, Maps
Hire, and Qwiklabs more affordable for startups. SPEAKER 6: But Google Cloud
for Startups is much more. We’re a global team running
events, workshops, and programs to nurture these startups. SPEAKER 1: In 2018,
we onboarded 10,000– SPEAKER 2: 10,000– SPEAKER 9: 10,000
startups to GCP. SAM: And that’s a whole
lot of opportunities. SPEAKER 4: So get connected
with Google Cloud for Startups– SPEAKER 5: Wherever
you are in the world, whether Singapore,
Bangalore, Tel Aviv, London, New York, Boston, Los
Angeles, or in San Francisco.


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