Google claims ‘quantum supremacy’
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Google claims ‘quantum supremacy’

Google achieved what it calls a
breakthrough in computer research using this odd-looking metal cylinder full of
wires and wafers CEO Sundar Pichai. It can perform a computation in seconds
what would take the world’s fastest supercomputer years thousands of years
to do that same calculation and in the field this is known as quantum supremacy
and it’s a really important milestone official confirmation of the
breakthrough in quantum computing came in a paper published in the science
journal Nature after weeks of controversy following the leak of a
draft over whether Google’s claim of quantum supremacy was valid but there is
a catch quantum researchers need to cool the qubits too close to absolute zero to
limit vibration or noise that causes errors to creep in other calculations
it’s in this extremely challenging task that the research team at Google a unit
of alphabet has made significant progress. Some skeptics say Google’s over
selling its achievement arch rival IBM says quantum computers will work in
concert with classical computers and won’t reign supreme over them it
contends a supercomputer with additional storage can solve the same problem with
greater accuracy in two-and-a-half days at most.


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