GoodWood: The Sustainable Furniture Company Dedicated to Going Zero Waste
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GoodWood: The Sustainable Furniture Company Dedicated to Going Zero Waste

– The District Donuts guys had been old friends of ours. We designed a little shelf for them. – Little shelf, tiny shelf. – A shelf, and that kind of snowballed into a whole restaurant project and that really was the catalyst for us. GoodWood is a design and fabrication firm. – Yeah and our mission is really to create high-quality furniture with a
sustainably-focused process. We take big raw materials and
turn them into smaller things and within that is a high,
high level of precision. If you have six people
working in the shop, all your tape measures
have to be the same. Everything you’re making needs
to fit into everything else that other person is making. Otherwise, it’s not gonna work. It’s really something special to see those pieces of wood come to life. – When we started the
company, the two of us were designing everything,
building everything, delivering everything, and
it got really difficult. So luckily for us, as our
projects have gotten more complex, we’ve become more administrative and playing a managerial role. – So one of the big challenges going from making the furniture to managing
the furniture being built is really letting go. The realization that you
really have to have is that the people you’re bringing
on are better at this than you are and to trust
them, and we found that that produces the best results by far. But it took us a while to get there, let’s not sugarcoat this. – No. – It was about a year and half of us really butting heads
on what are our roles, like, “Why are you on the
computer all the time, Mike? “We got work to do.” But having an online presence, making sure you have insurance, making sure you have
licenses is just as important as producing quality furniture. In our industry, sustainability
is not a huge priority. What we’ve done is kind of
focused on using as much of the materials as possible. – By 2025, the goal is to be completely zero waste facility, have
every kind of scrap material being donated or being
repurposed or being reclaimed. – We plant trees to
offset our lumber usage, and also giving back to the community is the other part of the sustainability. Here at GoodWood, we’ve
injected almost $800,000 into the local economy. – It’s way more than that. – It’s way more than that. – It’s like $1.2 million. Yeah, it’s way more than that. – I thought that was
including the labor costs. – Yeah but that’s, I
guess that’s part of it. – Through purchases through
vendors, hiring people, and collaborating with
other makers in the area. And that’s been such a
positive impact on the economy and on the community
and honestly something we didn’t really realize,
starting the business, that would be such a powerful thing.

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