Goodgame Empire – The Test Server
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Goodgame Empire – The Test Server

Hello everyone, I’m Breor, and welcome to
Goodgame Empire’s brand new test server! The test server was introduced last week,
and if you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can do so by coming to the login screen
and changing your server to the “test server” down near the bottom of the page. I’ll also leave my real test-server friend
link in the video’s description. In this video I’ll be creating a throwaway
account for the purposes of making a neat time lapse in which I can level from the tutorial
to 70 uninterrupted. I have filmed all of this already, so I can
say it took me about 86 minutes to reach level 70, and I sped up the video approximately
eight-fold. You may be wondering how it is possible to
level up so quickly. The test server is unique in that players
are rewarded with millions of resources and coins upon completing the tutorial at about
level 5. You will be given accelerators and five hundred
thousand rubies with which to work. For those who have never had more than ten
thousand rubies at any given time, this is really a dream come true. The purpose of the test server is to allow
real players to offer feedback about updates before they are pushed out to the rest of
the game. In a minute or two I’ll turn you over to some
nice time-lapse music, but I want to share some thoughts before I do that. This new test server is greatly exciting for
me because I will be able to play around with new events and become familiar with them before
they are released to the rest of the servers. This means more informed (and more timely)
videos will begin to appear on my channel. The test server is particularly convenient
for my “Update Breakdown” series of videos, in which I explain new updates to the game. I think the server is also a good gesture
on behalf of the developers, who now seem more willing to take into account player feedback. It will be quite impossible to satisfy everybody,
even with this test server in place, but I imagine the players on the test server will
be particularly outspoken about things they don’t like. This will force the developer to make changes
before the update becomes a permanent thing in the world of Goodgame Empire. The test server has its own forum (sort-of)
where people can offer feedback, report bugs and glitches, and connect with the quality
assurance team at Goodgame Studios. As with every other new feature, however,
the test server does have some drawbacks, and I’m interested to see what its long-term
effect will be on the playerbase and the game. A long time ago I made a video about multi-accounting. As most of us know, it’s against the rules
of the game for anyone to own multiple accounts on the same server. I imagine you could get away with it on the
test server if you wanted to, considering it’s not designed to be a fair-play environment,
but that’s not why I bring up this point. I am actually quite concerned that players
will be distracted from their main accounts with this test new server. It’s very difficult to play two accounts at
once successfully in Goodgame Empire, and I think the test server will lead to some
people losing motivation to play their real accounts in the game. The time you spend on the test server could
probably be better used working on your main account. While I will maintain a presence on the test
server, under my usual alias of “Breor,” I’m not going to be putting a ton of effort into
levelling or making real progress. The other concern that I have is that the
test server will expose people to how expensive ruby purchases really are. The five hundred thousand rubies awarded to
me at the start dwindled down quite quickly while I was making this video, and I discovered
how expensive each building can be. Goodgame Studios does charge quite a bit for
its premium currency, and there are so many improvements one must make to have a good
account. Empire is expensive for a free-to-play game. Spending rubies on the test server did in-part
satisfy my need to spend rubies, however, and I’m no longer as eager to make a purchase
on my real account. I should mention that the paymentshop does
work on the test-server, but the developers have stated that anything and everything can
be lost at any given time, and that no refunds will be provided. There is no customer service for the test
server, and it’s possible your account could randomly be deleted, so I would really discourage
making any monetary investment here. There are supposed to be more glitches than
usual on the test server, so I imagine any big glitches will also annoy people and discourage
them from playing. Had I been Goodgame Studios, I would have
done things differently. Instead of the test server being a permanent
thing, I think it should appear for short intervals whenever there’s actually something
that needs to be tested. Players would lose their accounts every time
the test server was reset, but rebuilding here is very very easy, as you’re seeing now. The regular reset would discourage players
from investing too much time (and potentially money) into the test server, and at the very
least would lead to a more controllable and gradual change. With that being said, perhaps I’m being too
skeptical. The test server is indeed exciting, and I
really recommend you jump in and experiment with it… at least for a while. Once you’ve done so, please let me know your
thoughts by commenting on this video. I’ve been Breor, and I’ll see you in the
next one.


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