Goldsmiths Degree Shows 2019: Digital Arts Computing
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Goldsmiths Degree Shows 2019: Digital Arts Computing

This piece is called If We Can Dance a big part of this piece is inspired by the LGBTQIA+ dance protests dancing allows you to use pleasure and joy to kind of resist the ideas that you have
to be a certain way to be able to survive or thrive kind of like exploring
that wildness of letting yourself just be I decided to put it in this like
greenhouse structure because it would creates a space that feels kind of like
safe and enclosed the poem kind of leads around the room “Our bodies are sensors detecting the darkness around us informing the thoughts that become us” there’s a light sensor in the plant and the light sensor
determines this word here. There’s a UV sensor, a soil moisture
sensor, and a temperature sensor so kind of the idea is to have like
these plants that talk to you they have a lovely strong fragrance so when you touch them they leave scent on
your fingers so once you finish with the piece you’re left with a reminder of it
which kind of brings in like those ideas of where does your body start and end

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