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Going Home to South Africa – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– Did I do anything fun
while I was on vacation? Actually I did. So I went back home to South Africa. Went to check up on… Yeah it was just fun. I went to check on my
like, the foundation, went to catch up with my people, and it’s funny, ’cause
every time I go home people always shout at
me about going home, which is a weird thing. So like, I’ll get home
and then at the border, like literally at customs,
the woman was like, she’s like, Trevor, when
are you coming home? (audience laughs) And I was like, I’m home. She’s like, no, but when
are you coming home? (audience laughs) And I was like, but I’m here right now. You’re holding my passport. She’s like, no that doesn’t count, Trevor. That doesn’t count, Trevor. We miss you. Then I’m like, but it’s
not like you saw me, like it’s not like I was just running around in the streets everyday. It’s like, no Trevor, come home. I’m like, I’m home! (audience laughs) But then what was crazy and amazing, was so I was in Cape Town. And then a friend of
mine called me and said, yo Trevor, what are you doing? And I said I’m waiting, I’m gonna go to an event later today. And he’s like, oh, ’cause the
President wants to meet you. So I was like the president of what? (audience laughs) No because I just didn’t
assume that the President, like I was like, could be like the president of this company, the president of like,
the Students Association, I don’t know. So I’m like, which president? And he’s like the
President of the country. And I was like, what did I do? (audience laughs) He’s like no, he just wants to like, he wants you to come and say hi. So he wants you to come to like, to the Presidential, you know,
the Presidential homestead in Cape Town, just come and say hi. I was like, okay. And so then I was with my friends. And I was like, guys we
gotta go do this thing. And my friends are like,
alright let’s roll. And then they rolled with me. But I didn’t tell ’em what it was. And I didn’t realize in the moment that I didn’t tell ’em what it was. So like my friend’s like wearing a hoodie, my other friend’s wearing
like a free T-shirt. (audience laughs) And I’m wearing a suit ’cause
I’m going to another event. And then we get there,
and then they’re like, are we here to pickup… And then I say to the
person at the counter, I’m like, oh we’re here
to see the President. And then my friend’s like,
dude I’m wearing a hoodie! (audience laughs) And I was like, oh I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I forgot to tell
you where we were going. And so then we went in. And then we met the President
and he was just very cool. It was just like, you know… And then my friend was
like, he apologized. He was like, I’m so sorry Mr. President. I did not know I was
meeting a President today. That’s why I’m dressed like this. And then the President was cool. He’s like, no, I didn’t
know I was meeting you guys. That’s why I’m dressed like this. (audience laughs) And it was cool. He was nice about it. And then just out of nowhere
the President was like, Trevor, he’s like, what are you doing now? He’s like come with me to Parliament. I wanna introduce you. So he like takes me, you
know, to our Congress, like to Parliament. And he’s just like, just come with me. And so he’s like, walk with me. And now you’re like on the
Presidential power walk. (audience laughs) And I’m like just, what
do you do on this walk? And he’s like, you just act like you’re thinking of serious things. I’m like. (audience laughs) And so I’m walking next
to him the whole time and I’m just like, yes, nuclear war, immigration, unemployment. And so we walked together. And then we get to Parliament
and then when we got there he introduced, and it was one
of the most surreal moments. ‘Cause it’s one of those things
that you take for granted because it happens gradually in life. But I genuinely just had to breathe. Like a few days after I
was gonna be like, yo. You were in Parliament and
the President of your country was like, hey, give a round
of applause to Trevor Noah, he’s giving back to the
country and we love him, and literally in that
moment, I was sitting there and I like, Goddamn, where
is my history teacher now? (audience laughs) What? What, what? (upbeat instrumental music)


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